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3.  Who found your patient’s card?

4.  What doctors had to examine you?

5.  What else did they have to check?

6.  What time did you have an appointment with your doctor for?

7.  What are her consulting hours?

8.  What did the nurse ask you to take?

9.  How long did you keep the thermometer in your armpit?

10.  What was your temperature?

11.  What did the doctor want to know?

12.  What troubles did you have?

13.  What did the doctor do during the medical examination?

14.  What did the doctor do after the medical examination?

15.  What diseases did you suffer in your childhood?

16.  What are you ill with sometimes?

17.  What do you do if you cough or sneeze?

18.  Why do you stay in bed when you are ill with the grippe?

19.  Are you a healthy person?

20.  What did the doctor do when you lay down on the couch?

21.  What did the doctor X – ray in the X – ray room?

22.  What were the results of the X – ray examination?

23.  What did the doctor do in the laboratory?

24.  When did you get your certificate of health?


1.  What do you complain ___? – I complain ___ nothing.

2.  The doctor asked me to strip ___ the waist and to lie ___ ___ the couch.

3.  Did the doctor listen ___ your heart and lungs?

4.  He often suffers ___ a bad headache.

5.  Aspirin must keep the fever ___.

6.  He was ill ___ measles.

7.  Have you written ___ these findings?

8.  He caught a bad cold. He must stay ___ bed ___ some days.

9.  Where is the registering clerk ___ duty?

10.  Don’t enter ___ the consulting room now. Wait ___ the nurse.

11.  The results ___ the X – ray examination were normal.

12.  The nurse will take some blood ___ my finger ___ blood analysis.

13.  You cough so badly. Put a hot – water bottle ___ your feet.


1.  Take this medicine. It will bring the temperature down.

2.  My younger brother is ill with measles. He must lie in bed.

3.  The nurse measured my temperature.

4.  The hours during which Dr. Smirnov receives patients are from 9 till 12.

5.  The X – ray examination revealed no lung disease.

6.  The results of my blood analyses were normal.

7.  What disease did the doctor find out during the medical examination?

8.  The grippe may bring about bad complications.

9.  I had a meeting with the doctor for 3 o’clock.

10.  This medicine made the pain lower.


1.  У меня хорошее здоровье.

2.  Его приёмные часы – с 9 до 12 часов.

3.  Терапевт поставил правильный диагноз.

4.  Врач только что измерил моё кровяное давление.

5.  Я должен измерить вашу температуру.

6.  Медсестра сейчас делает анализ крови.

7.  Кто выписал вам это?

8.  Врач сейчас заполняет карточку пациенту.

9.  Вы когда – либо осматривали больных?

10.  Вы можете пропальпировать его живот?

11.  Я простудился на прошлой неделе.

12.  Как часто у вас болит голова?

13.  Врачи сделали рентген моей грудной клетки.

14.  Идите в регистратуру.

15.  На столе врача лежит несколько карточек больных.

16.  Не раздевайтесь до пояса, я проверю только ваше горло.

17.  Эта болезнь не вызывает осложнений.

18.  Какие детские болезни вы знаете?

19.  У него корь.

20.  В детстве он перенёс ветрянку и скарлатину.

21.  Почему вы всё время кашляете? – Я простужен.


            Dr. Ivanov’s working day begins at 9 o’clock in the morning at the polyclinic. He sees 10 and sometimes even 15 out – patients during his consulting hours. In the afternoon he usually makes his daily round of visits to the district. He examines those patients who are seriously ill and can’t come to the polyclinic.

            That day his first patient was a young man. He was in a poor condition: his hands and face were damp with sweat, his pulse was accelerated and faint. He had a high temperature. The doctor examined him. He listened to his lungs and heart and made the diagnosis of lobar pneumonia. The patient was admitted to the hospital.

            Then a woman of about 45 entered Dr. Ivanov’s consulting room. She complained of a sore throat and a bad pain in her back. The doctor had a look at her throat. There was a bad inflammation in it and he made the diagnosis of quinsy. He prescribed to her an antiseptic mouth – wash to gargle her throat five or six times a day. As her condition was bad the doctor put her on a sick – leave for several days. He also advised her to apply mustard plasters to her back before going to bed.

            After his consulting hours at the polyclinic Dr. Ivanov made several calls to his district.

            One of his patients suffered from angina pectoris. Before examining the patient Dr. Ivanov washed his hands, put on his white gown and only then entered the patient’s room. He asked the patient: “How are you feeling today? Do you feel any pain in your chest?” The patient couldn’t say that the medicine gave him any relief. The pain in the substernal area was particularly sharp on physical exertion. Dr. Ivanov asked the patient to strip to the waist, listened to his heart and lungs, took his pulse and palpated his abdomen. After five days of home treatment the patient didn’t feel any relief and the doctor decided to hospitalize him.

            Doctor Ivanov usually deals with every case very carefully and attentively. All his patients love and respect Dr. Ivanov.