Пособие по техническому переводу, страница 19

1)  On some railways the high voltage alternating current can’t be applied for traction purposes without its being transformed into the direct current.

2)  Saving time in locating and eliminating any trouble is far from being the only advantage of the automatically operated power plants.

3)  The traffic was stopped because of the power supply system having been damaged.

4)  On being generated, the electric energy is transmitted over long distances by high voltage transmission lines.

5)  Less personnel is required in case of substations being operated by remote control.

6)  On locating any trouble the operator should eliminate it as soon as possible.

7)  It is impossible to increase speeds on railways without giving proper attention to safety.

8)  In spite of having some disadvantages of owning and operating expensive and complicated surfacing and lining equipment shortlines are using constructors to surface and line track.

9)  Preparing specifications with professional guidance is a component of the planning and budgeting system.

10)  When electric traction was first introduced not many people thought of its being used on railways.

IVЗапомните значения следующих слов и словосочетаний.

Derailment (n.), exacerbate (v.), to be well under way (v.), to make adjustments, to monitor the project, flexibility (n.), shortage (n.), approach (n.), include (v.), obtain (v.), determine (v.), estimate (v.), guidance (n.), assign (v.), scheduling (n.), tabulate (v.), to bid on the work, prune (v.).


Speed restrictions, non-peak periods, footage, irregular surface, out-of-face surfacing, track surfacing, spot surfacing, crew expense, track-foot price, budget target, track-maintenance, machinery, hours-of-service tie ups, maintenance managing, raising, tamping, lining.

V Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на форму причастий и место их в предложении.

1)  The locomotives houling trains on mountainous railways usually operate on electric energy.

2)  The car being designed is intended for carrying coal.

3)  Travelling on the Gliding Railway people surprised by its smoothness.

4)  Having demonstrated his locomotive the inventor answered a large number of questions.

5)  The computer made the plan of the station’s work, having processed the data on the freight trains.

6)  Processing the data the computer does not make errors.

7)  Having applied the radio and the telephone for sorting trains the railways improved the turnover of railway cars.

8)  Having been tested the electrified line was opened for public service.

9)  Being unloaded some of the equipment was damaged.

10)  Having been heated the rails were carefully examined.

11)  Each of the terminals and coastal sites has its own base station, the French terminal requiring two because of its size.

VI Вспомните, какие русские слова имеют те же корни, что и следующие английские слова. Используйтеихдляпониманиятекста.

Regional, service, resource, maximum, tendency, segment, instruction, strategy, manager, mechanism, contract, projects, period, chronic, capital, machine, operation, expertise, distance, original, budget, system, address, location, idea, geographical, discuss, process, information, central, mile, standard, person, realize , program, defect, balance, basis.

VII Вспомните значения следующих английских слов:

delay, usage, fuel, significant, ability, amount, safety, value, compare, requirements, expensive, frequently, develop, common, perform, require, price, prepare, area, in order to, support, amount, request, point, decision, quantity, provide, level, allow.

VIII Прочтите английский текст и сравните его с данным переводом. Работа в парах: переведите текст с русского на английский.