Практикум по английскому языку (с дифференцированными лексико-грамматическими заданиями): Учебно-методическое пособие к комплексу “Headway Elementary”, страница 3

6. “See you at the week-end!”

2. Tell this story in the person of Laura. Tell more about Roberto.


The verbs “to be”, “to have”.  Possessives


1. Fill in am / is / are   or  have / has

1. Your family …  very friendly.

2. My grandparents … from the country but they … in  the city today.

3. My sister … a good job. The job … very interesting.

4. I … an elder brother. I … two small sister and a little cousin.

5. You … many friends. You … a talkative and nice person.

2. Change the noun with the possessive pronoun.

e.g. Tom`s sister is an economist. – His sister is an economist.

1. Maria`s children are in the garden.

2. The parents` car is new and beautiful.

3. Anna`s family is from Australia.

4. Mike and Rosa`s baby is very small.

5. Martin`s wife is a calm person.


1. Ask two questions to the sentences to match the answers.

e.g. Peter is the only child in the family– Is Peter the only child in the family?

                                                                    Yes, he is.

Who is the only child in the family?   Peter.

1. Your brother is an office worker.        … ? Yes,  he is.           …. ? My brother.

2. The children are very noisy.                 … ? Yes, they are. …? The children.

3. I am a student of the University.         … ?Yes, I am.                …? I am.

4. We  are big friends.                                       …?Yes, we are.              …? We.

5. Laura is a funny girl.                            …? Yes, she is.              …? Laura.

2. Make the sentences plural. Use plural possessive pronoun.

e.g. My brother is an office–worker. – Our brothers are office workers.

1. My aunt has a dog in her house.

2. His friend has a good job. 

3. Your sister is a shop-assistant.

4. I have an orange-tree in my garden.

5. Her cousin is very noisy.


1. Find the difference between  ’s (possessive) and   ’s (is).

e.g.   Marco`s family is large = possessive

          Marco`s from a large family = Marco is from a large family.

1.  My mother’s a nice person.

2. Alice`s the only one child in the family.

3. Peter’s wife is a teacher of the country school. 

4. Alice’s daughter is the only one child in the family.

5. Peter’s a wife an two children. 

6. My mother’s friends are in the garden.

2. Correct the mistakes in the sentences. The mistakes are different.

e.g.   My elder brother are a doctors. -  My elder brothers are doctors.

1. We has a very nice garden in the country. It is a big.

2. Tom is professor at the University and have many students.

3. My wife is funny woman. She has talkative.

4. Our sister have not very large families. They live in the city.

5. Maria have two children. They twins.

Module 2

Vocabulary: Jobs

Grammar: Present Simple (he, she, it)

Reading: I want to be a doctor


Read and translate these words.

noble                   [`neubl]                        surgeon                [`sз:dζәn]

necessary           [`nesәs(ә)ri]                   recovered            [ri`kΛvәd]  

require                 [rı`kwaiә]                     able-bodied        [`eibl-bΛdid]

responsibility     [risponsә`bilәti]            deal with                      [`di:l]


Find the Russian equivalents for these words. Use a dictionary for unknown words and pronunciation.

take care                                  operate on the people

require responsibility            catch a cold

have a fever                            noble professions

patient                                     operation


 1.Do you know the following professions? Use a dictionary for their pronunciation.







2. Make a list of professions you know. Compare your list with your partner.


1. Answer the questions.

1. What do you like to do?

2. Do you have hobbies?

3. What professions are interesting for you and why?

4. What do your parents do?

5. What noble professions do you know?

6. Do you have doctors in your family?

7. Would you like to be a doctor? Why?

2. Give the definitions of the professions from the task above. Try to remember other manes of doctors.