Практикум по английскому языку (с дифференцированными лексико-грамматическими заданиями): Учебно-методическое пособие к комплексу “Headway Elementary”, страница 2

Module 1

Vocabulary: Myself and My Family.

Grammar: The verbs “to be”, “to have”. Possessives.

Reading:  My Italian family.


Read and translate these words.

surname               [`sә:neım]                       fashionable          [`f?(ә)nәbl]

talkative              [`to:kәtıv]                      cousins                 [kΛzn]

nephew                [`nevju:]                         aunt                      [a:nt]

air company        [ә`kΛmpәnı]                 country                [`kΛntrı]


Match the words from these columns. How do we call … .?

your mother’s sister …                            parents

your father’s parents  …                         an aunt

your brother’s daughter …                      a cousin

your aunt`s child                                      grandparents

your  mother and father …                               a nephew


Fill in seven missing words into the sentences. Use the words in the box:

parents  husband  sister   cousins   family   wife   grandparents   child

1. Our … is not very large. I am not the only … . I have an elder …  .

2. David is a teacher. His … is a teacher too. They live in New-York.

3. At week-and we go to our … . They live in the country.

4. My sister is married and has a good … . He is an economist.

5. Tom has three aunts and six … . They all are schoolchildren.


Answer the questions about you and your family.

1. What is a large family? Are you from a large family? What is your surname?

2. Are you the only one in the family?

3. Are you married or  single?

4. Are you from the city or the country? Are your grandparents in the country?

5. Are you tall or short? Are your parents calm or talkative?



Hi, my name is Roberto and my surname is Dori. I`m seventeen. Now I am a student at the Oxford University. I study Biology here and I like it very much.

I come from Rome. It is the capital of Italy. It is a very big and beautiful city.

In Italy I have a large family. My mother is a housewife. Her name is Isabella. She is at home now. My mom is a very nice and smiling person. She is very talkative and has a lot of friends. My mother is a tall woman. My father’s name is Marco. He is a doctor in the hospital. My daddy is a calm person. He isn’t very tall but well-built.

 I am not the only child. I have an elder brother. My brother’s name is Toni. He is an office-worker in the air company. His job is very interesting. Toni is married and has a daughter Anna. So she is my nephew. She is very little and funny. Toni’s wife is a very beautiful woman. She’s a shop-assistant in a fashionable shop. Laura is tall and slim. She has blonde hair and green eyes.

Also I have two cousins. They are my aunt `s children. They are twins and are very noisy.

My grannies are in the country. They have an orange-tree garden. My grandparents` garden is fantastic. I love their oranges!


Vocabulary and speaking


1. Complete the sentences about Roberto’s family.

Marco is  his … …

Laura is  his …  …

Toni is  his … …

Anna is his … …

Isabella is  his … …

2. Find in the text the answers to the questions:.

1. Who in the family is …

a) a shop-assistant / a doctor? / an office-worker / a housewife?

b) smiling / beautiful / tall / noisy  / calm?

2. Who has …

a) twins /a lot of friends / a daughter ?

b) blonde hair / a good job / a garden ?


1. Transform the sentences using the words from the text. Who are the sentences about?

a) She has much work at home.

b) These children are not very calm.

c) She likes big companies.

d) They are not from the city.

e) She has a good figure.

2. What can you say about these people from the text: their names, jobs, etc?

-  Roberto Dori            -         - Roberto’s mother

-  Roberto’s brother               - Roberto’s father

- Toni’s wife                            - Roberto’s grandparents


1. Who in Roberto’s family can say these words? Why?

1.”This woman is my wife.” 

2. “I have two children.” 

3.”I love my job!” 

4. “You are very noisy today.”

5.  “I am so far.”