Практикум по английскому языку (с дифференцированными лексико-грамматическими заданиями): Учебно-методическое пособие к комплексу “Headway Elementary”, страница 13

2. People all over the world are waiting for Santa Claus

3. In England people have a tradition of letting the New Year out.

4. The Spanish are seeing the New Year in with mouthful of grapes.

5. The Chinese is making wonderful tricks with fire.

6.In December we try to forget our old troubles.


1. Fill in the necessary verb. Mind the spelling of the verbs with – ing form.

1. Why … you … at the table with the plate full of grapes?

2. We …  the door and then we … it.

3. Many people … paper dragons and flowers. 

4. – Tomoko … fun with her co-workers in a pub.

 5. How many oranges … you … for the party?

6. The clock … twelve and we … “Happy New Year” !

2. Ask 5 tag-questions with not true information to the text. Make up the questions of different types. Make questions in the Present Continuous and the Present Simple tenses.


In Spain people wait for the midnight with a plate of grapes, don’t` they?

What are the people looking at the Chinese parade?

Module 8

Vocabulary: Travelling

Grammar: Numerals

Reading: Edinburgh: A colourful city


Read and translate these words.

          Edinburgh [`edınbәrә]           medieval    [medi`i:vәl]

          colourful    [`kΛlәfәl]              ghost         [`gәust]     

          hundred    [`hΛndrıd]            castle         [`ka:sl]

thousand    [`θauzәnd]           volcano      [vol`keınәu]


Match the words from these columns. Use a dictionary for unknown words and pronunciation.

Castle                  a New year party in Edinburgh

Ghost                   a fortified building

Festival                a spirit of a dead person

Edinburgh           any occasion for celebration

Hogmanay          the capital of Scotland


Read and translate the phrases, pay attention to the numerals.

1. 450 000 people live in Edinburgh.

2. In 2003, there were over 500 different shows.

3. Over 1 000 000 people visit the castle every year.

4. The old city has 100s of ghosts.

5. 100 000s of years ago, the hills in Edinburgh were volcanoes.


Answer the questions.

1. Which old cities of your country do you know?

2. How old are they?

3. How many castles could you name?

4. Which festivals are there in your country?

5. What do people do there?



Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Four hundred and fifty thousand people live there, and because it’s in the North the skies are often grey. But Edinburgh itself is a colourful city – it mixes modern and medieval, the traditional and the new. It’s famous for its international festivals and unusual local culture.

When you arrive the first thing you see is Edinburgh castle, on a hill, high above the city. Hundreds of millions of years ago, the hills in Edinburgh were volcanoes. Today, the volcanoes are quiet. Over one million people visit the castle every year. Part of it is a thousand years old. Edinburgh castle is not the only castle in Edinburgh. In fact there are many old castles and old houses.

It’s not surprising that the old city has hundreds of ghosts. Some are famous. One is the ghost of George Mackenzie who killed a lot of people.

Edinburgh is a great place for a party. From the twenty-ninth of December – the first of January Edinburgh has a New Year festival called Hogmanay. Four hundred thousand people from all over the world go to the party. There are fireworks, concerts and a huge street party with dancing in the street!

Every summer there are art festivals in the city. They include jazz, book, cinema festivals and, of course, the famous International and Fringe Theatre Festivals. At these festivals you can see everything from circuses to ballets and from comedy shows to Shakespeare plays. In 2003, there were five thousand different shows and many of them were free!


Vocabulary and speaking


1. Find in the text the expressions and read them correctly.

450 000 / 1 000 000 / 1 000 /  400 000 / 5 000 / 2 /  сотни / сотни миллионов / 29-ое число / 1-ое число

2. Complete the sentences.

1. Edinburgh is … .