Marketing plan for dried crusts «Allez-croquer»

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Saint-Petersburg State University

Graduate School of Management

Bachelor Program

Final project

“Marketing plan for dried crusts


Student’s name: Laktionov I.

Group: Marketing-1

Student’s name: Tiuntchik E.

Group: Marketing-2

Student’s name: Uymanova K.

Group: Marketing-1

Student’s name: Kazurov E.

Group: Marketing-2

Student’s name: Ovryax A.

Group: Exchange student

Spring 2011


Executive summary. 3

Situational analysis. 4

Analysis of “Sibirsky Bereg” company. 4

Porter`s 5 forces analysis. 8

Customer analysis. 8

Competitive market analysis. 10

External market environment 12

Marketing plan objectives. 17

Marketing strategy. 17

Implementation and control 21

Choice of entry mode. 21

Marketing plan implementation schedule. 22

Contingency plans. 22

Appendices. 24

Executive summary

 “Sibirsky Bereg” is a leader on the market of dried crusts in Russia. It has up-to-date facilities and produces high-quality products. Furthermore, the company has production facilities in Australia, China and Kazakhstan. However due to high level of competition and slowing market growth rate it is worth looking for markets where the product is not wide-spread. We have chosen France as a target market due to several factors. Firstly there are deeply ingrained bread-eating habits. Moreover there is a healthy trend which our company can capitalize on by providing a product healthier than other snacks. Besides, faster pace of life and so called commuting effect can favor promotion of the product.

We have decided to target at the “on-the-go” segment, meaning people who have a hectic lifestyle and spend a lot of time per day in movement. Firstly, these people are concerned about their health. Besides it may be expensive for them to eat all the time in restaurants, cafes. For them we are going to position our product as healthy, convenient and fast to eat. Also we are going to sell our product on B2B segment by signing a contract with canned soup producer, so that he would attach our product to some types of its soups. Eventually we are going to start sales in HoReca sector as a provider of dried crusts for different dishes.

We are going to differentiate our product by giving it a form of a bagel, so that customers would recognize it, and add only natural ingredients such as basil, parsley, tomatoes, etc. The name of the product is going to be “Allez-croquer”. The price of our product on B2C market would be close to the price of package of crisps (≈ €0.5) and on B2B market – lower than the price of domestic production of our prospective clients. That would be achieved thanks to effect of economies of scale. As for promotion, we are going to promote it in newspapers, magazines, by outdoor advertisements. Also we are going to use POS, sampling and internet site with recipes. Finally we are going to sell our product in store-based retailers, concentrating our activity on 6 largest retail chains.

The market of snacks in France is growing, which provides “Sibirsky Bereg” an opportunity to enter it. The concentration of the market is medium with 2 largest companies controlling 40% of the market, but we are going to launch a joint venture with the 4th largest company which would help us to get a foot on the market. As for our substitute, food service industry, its popularity in France is decreasing.

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