Marketing plan for dried crusts «Allez-croquer», страница 11

Marketing plan implementation schedule

Conduct of the deep marketing research surveys, qualitative research

July 2011

Negotiations with business partners

August 2011

Creation of joint venture and construction of the plant

September 2011 – March 2012

Negotiations with retailers, suppliers, obtainment of necessary permissions

February 2012 – March 2012

Pre-sales of the product

April 2012

Launch of sales of dried crusts, start of advertising campaign, run of recipe site

May 2012

Start of sales in HoReCa sector

July 2012

Contingency plans

In case marketing conditions under which “Sibirsky Bereg” operates change it would be necessary to re-estimate elements of the current plan or to develop a new plan.

The potential environmental changes are presented in the following table:

Inability to cooperate with Brioche Pasquier SA

If “Sibirsky Bereg” won`t be able to cooperate with Brioche Pasquier SA for some reasons there are 2 possible solutions:

ü  Use foreign direct investments in order to enter French snack market;

ü  Try to cooperate with another bakery producer (ex. Barilla Holding SpA, United Biscuits Plc).

Slowdown in snack market

If French people prefer conventional food rather than snacks the French snack market will experience decreasing consumption. If this slows down, then:

ü  Use active promotional campaign pointing usage of dried crusts as a complementary product to conventional food (soups, salads);

ü  Promote dried crusts as a complementary product in culinary schools and culinary TV shows;

ü  Put on the package different recipes with dried crusts as a complementary product;

Faster growth in demand for dried crusts “Allez-croquer”

If dried crusts become popular among consumers (B2C) we will widen the variety of tastes and supply HoReCa with dried crusts so that they can complement dishes (salads, soups) with them.

New competitor enters the market

The fast popularity of dried crusts in France may result in new competitors entering the market. Dried crusts are relatively easy to copy. If competitors try to produce the same product we will take out patent for the form of dried crusts (form of baguette) and special technology of production (no frying, just drying in the oven).


Advertisement in newspapers and magazines

Billboard advertisement