Marketing plan for dried crusts «Allez-croquer», страница 7

The most successful snack food products are those featuring new, exotic flavors (olive oil, chili, sweet & sour), healthier content (reduced sodium, reduced fat, etc.). Also nuts, chips/crisps, and puffed snacks offer the greatest market potential in the sweet and savory snack.


Our group conducted PEST and GRID-analysis in order to estimate the connection between different external environmental factors and marketing mix. All the figures in this section are taken from EUROMONITOR INTERNATIONAL survey about Consumer lifestyles in France (Access - GSOM DATABASES).

            The result of GRID-analysis is represented in the following table:

Table 1 Economical dimension


  • Increased popularity  of private-label products;
  •  Snacks as cheap options to more formal meals;
  •  Private-label branded products represent an increasing portion of the sector;


·  Due to increasing unemployment levels

(January 2011 - 9,2%) and inflation, French shoppers are becoming more price conscious;

·  Reduced purchasing power resulting in change of habits favoring more fast food at lunchtime and even at dinner;


·  Shopping at hard-discounters;


·  Marketing budgets are likely to rise which leads to the use of various promotion types (TV, social medias, billboards);

            Analyzing the table 1 we consider pricing factor to be the most important because it influences others: product and place. We see that rising unemployment and decreased purchasing power in France led to changes in meal consumption: more and more people are moving towards snacks as cheap substitutes to conventional food. Next we will move to socio-cultural dimension.

Table 2 Socio-cultural dimension


Increase in demand for snack foods with good nutritional value because of:

o  Consumers are becoming more and more aware of health issues, and their attitudes towards food are constantly changing;

o  Busier lifestyles;

o  Longer work hours, and a high percentage of working women;

Mixes of seeds, nuts and dried fruits with innovative flavors are performing well with French consumers since they are perceived as wholesome snacks.


·  Affordable prices for healthy snacks;


·  Supermarkets, gas stations, bars, vending machines, bakeries;


·  Snack foods with good nutritional value;

            The table 2 shows that in France exists demand for snacks with good nutritional value: fruits, mixes of seeds, nuts and so on, which is the result of busier lifestyles. Moreover, French consumers are aware of health issues because the average waistline in France is expanding with obesity reaching almost epidemic proportions. Therefore, in socio-cultural dimension we consider product to be the most important factor for GRID-analysis. Now let`s move to political-legal dimension.