Marketing plan for dried crusts «Allez-croquer», страница 10

            The objective of promotion is to inform potential customers about new product and to show that it meets customer needs. Therefore, dried crusts “Allez-croquer” will be positioned as healthy alternative to junk food. So in promotion the main accent will be made on the following benefits that the product provides to consumers:

Ø  Fast and convenient to eat;

Ø  No frying, just drying in the oven;

Ø  Minimum level of fat;

Ø  Inherent pleasant taste of bread;

Ø  Ability to choose between wide variety of tastes (ex. Tomatoes, basil, parsley);

Actually, dried crusts are not perceived as health meal because of high level of carbohydrates and calories. However, in promotion we will point out that dried crusts “Allez-croquer” are made using special modern technologies that allow making the product healthy. Moreover, we will focus on the fact that bread is reach in VITAMIN B complex which is essential for nervous system, heart and eyes.

We intent using different types of promotion:

v  Newspapers, magazines

v  Outdoor advertising (Testimony advertising)

v  Internet site with recipes of the dishes with dried crusts and videos about the process of “Allez-croquer” production

v  POS advertising

v  Sampling

However, we refused TV advertising because, firstly, it is expensive and, secondly, busy people who are our B2C target market usually have no time to watch TV.

In the Appendix you can see how the billboards and advertising in newspapers/magazines will look like.

As to promotion in B2B segment, we will apply the instrument of personal selling to establishing cooperation with the main players on the French canned soup market such as Unilever France SA, Campbell France SAS, Carrefour France SA, Bonduelle Groupe SA, etc.

Implementation and control

Choice of entry mode

In order to make the right operative decision about entry mode, we decided to consider the following matrix “Choosing mode of operations”:

Chosing mode of operation.jpg

            Dried crusts are absolutely new product on existing French snack food market. So the best decision is to make a strategic alliance with well-known French company. The strategic alliance in the form of joint venture is the most suitable because it will help the company to:

—  Enter new for “Sibirsky Bereg” French market;

—  Overcome the problem of strict custom legislation;

—  Exploit transparent European borders in case we decide to enter other European markets;

—  Deal with the problem of loyalty to terroir;

—  Access greater resources, including advanced technology;

—  Share the risks with partner;

The most desired partner for strategic alliance is Brioche Pasquier SA. Brioche Pasquier SA is a producer of cookies, biscuits, bread crisps and many other healthy snacks.

We have chosen the company Brioche Pasquier SA as a strategic partner due to several reasons:

o  Brioche Pasquier SA is a well-known company in France;

o  Brioche Pasquier SA has the image of healthy snack producer;

o  Brioche Pasquier SA produces a wide variety of snacks therefore the company is interested in developing and launching new products;

o  During the crisis Brioche Pasquier SA market share almost demonstrated stability which means that this partner is strong and firm (see the table further).

Source: Euromonitor International from official statistics, trade associations, trade press, company research, store checks, trade interviews, trade sources.