Marketing plan for dried crusts «Allez-croquer», страница 8

Table 3 Political-legal dimension


·  Health and Safety Guidelines;

·  Mandatory nutritional information labeling (ingredients, weights, volumes, etc.), shelf life;

·  The French word police are to preserve their culture by eradicating English words;


·  Import duties;

·  Value-added tax;

·  European competition law (anti-monopoly law in the European Union);


·  Vending machines selling snacks (soft drinks and chocolate bars) were banned from schools in France;


·  Governmental control on food and drinks advertising on TV (all food and drinks companies now advise consumers of the dangers of consuming too much fat and sugar);

            It can be seen from the table 3 that due to the high concern about health issues in France there are a lot of political-legal regulations, concerning type of products, its promotion, and point of sale. Therefore, the product, promotion and place factors are in high importance for us in political-legal dimension. Moreover, French officials are appalled by the English "invasion" watering down their culture. That is why there is a restriction on using Franglais on package and in promotion. This is a very important consideration which has to be taken into account. Finally, we move to technological dimension.

Table 4 Technological dimension


Development of new bread baking technologies with  fewer energy consumption due to the environment protection;




Telecommunications advances are expected to drive the growth of internet retailing in France (value sales via internet retailers are projected to grow by 125%, reaching €25 billion by 2014);


Emerging LTE Advance (Long Term Evolution) will allow French reach rates of one megabit per second. This should be sufficient for running high-definition TV or video-on-demand nearly everywhere. New telecommunication advances will develop new types of promotion.

            The table 4 shows that the development of the internet technologies and new telecommunication advances influence promotion and channel of distribution. Moreover, people concern about environmental problems drives the development of advanced bread baking technologies with less energy consumption.

Based on the previous considerations regarding GRID - analysis and relevance of each factor we worked out the following graph with the importance of each factor:


 The red circles depict the presence of the strong connection between the factors while the white points depict no significant connection between factors. Yellow points show average correlation.

Marketing plan objectives

There are several main objectives the company would like to achieve in 2 years after entering French market: