Domestic and host market trends

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Graduate school of management St. Petersburg state university



St. Petersburg 2010

1.  Contents

1.      Contents. 2

2.      Introduction. 3

3.      Product. 4

4.      Market trends. 6

5.      Marketing Mix. 7

5.1         Place. 7

5.2         Price. 7

5.3         Promotion. 7

6.      GRID-analysis. 9

7.      Marketing. 13

8.      Entry modes. 17

9.      Conclusion. 19

2.  Introduction

The purpose of this paper is to address the issue of launching the product in the foreign market and to apply different concepts to the chosen product. Since globalization is taking its turn and the world is getting more and more integrated, international marketing strategies are largely studied and developed. Different strategies are being used in marketing and strategic management as a way to clarify, simplify and explore the kind of expertise that creates capabilities needed when going across the borders. Following the advice from our instructor, we decided to apply international marketing concepts to a specific product – felt boots (Walenki) in order to explore it thoroughly and due to the fact that we wouldlike to sound realistic and adequate to our background experience and academic acknowledgement.

The goal of this paper is to describe the strategy of taking Walenki to German market. To achieve this goal we need to answer several questions:

·  What is the product we are taking across the borders?

·  What market trends can we define on both (home and host) markets and how they influence our strategy?

·  Which factors of macro environment are truly important considering the nature of the product?

·  What kind of marketing strategy is better to adopt in order to inform and turn on the target audience?

·  What type of entry mode is necessary to choose to decrease the risk and increase the opportunities?

To answer these questions we will use different research instruments, which will help us to present information in coherent way. The methodology of our research will include secondary data analysis and primary data collection.

3.  Product

                The main product of Walenki Filz Company will be walenki. Walenki are traditional Russian winter footwear, essentially felt boots. Walenki are made of wool felt. This material is not water-resistant.Walenki is often worn with galoshes to keep your feet out of water and protect the soles from wear and tear. This type of foot wear was very popular for a long time ago, especially in Russia. Since the second half of the 20th century walenki loose their popularity. This type of product was associated with old-fashioned clothes for the grandparents. But situation changed. Now walenki are very popular among people. After hard winter frost the demand for this product increased dramatically. 

                The second product which Walenki Filz Company is going to launch is galoshes. “Galoshes (from French: galoches), also known as boat shoes, dickersons, or overshoes, are a type of rubber boot that are slipped over shoes to keep them from getting muddy or wet”. The word “galoshes” can be a synonym to “rain boots”. This product has a function to protect each type of foot wear from bad weather condition such as rain, mud, etc and to keep the feet dry. But for walenki galoshes are complementary product. As it was mentioned before walenki are made from felt and they are not water resistant. That means that walenki should be used with galoshes. Galoshes are usually made of rubber. There are two types of galoshes. First one is made of very thick rubber (often oversize). They have a heavy sole and instep and designed for heavy-duty use. Second type is thinner than first one. They are made from flexible, rubber material and they are used to protect from water. In Russia, galoshes have been an indispensable attribute of walenki.

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