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·  The desire of young people of “paying for health”. It can be helpful for the core product in terms of positioning of the WF brand.

·  Premiumisation. This trend means the desire of young people to buy more premium products, or products perceived as premium. WF products are positioned as a unique and more or less upper-market ones, that actually means the success when assuming this trend.

·  Identity. This trend is quite international – all international marketing specialists talk about the necessity of creating a society around the product, which can provide a customer with the feeling of identity. Special features (such as eccentric design) of the WF products distinguish an owner from the mass.

·  Convenience. This trend occurs throughout Europe and by reasonable means provides WF with the space for potential success.

·  H&M, Zara, Uggs’ effect. This effect is somehow connected with the identity trend. The brands H&M, Zara and Uggs have already created a brand that distinguishes their community from the others. WF brand is able to create and introduce the same phenomenon on German market.

·  Russian community. It is not a secret that a lot of companies in fashion industry nowadays use traditional Russian imprints. Here is an example of the H&M scarf that is quite popular in Europe:


In this way, one can see a close correlation between mentioned social trends and the core product.

                The last red point is to describe the connection “Social factors-Promotion”. In this case we also need to mention several customer trends that occur within German society:

·  Social Networks development and network etiquette. The trend implies the development of such websites as facebook or vkontakte (Russian equivalent) and StudiVZ (German equivalent) and supports the way of chosen promotion.

·  Brands & Belonging. The trend that supports the idea of creating a strong brand to gain success among young Germans.

·  Other trends, described earlier – at previous connection point

7.  Marketing

                First of all, the name of the brand should be analyzed, described and explained. The brand name “Walenki Filz” was invented with the participation of the representative of the target audience – German man of 23, student. He has proved the euphony of the name. The first “Walenki” is to describe the nature of the core product that sounds “truly Russian” for a German ear. The second part “Filz” means “thick felt” in German and is supposed to depict the material used for the production of the core product.  

                To create a clear understanding of the product among the potential consumers that are actually young fashionable people, it is important to make a right positioning. This segment is quite prospective, assuming the number of expenditures of Germans on shoes:

Historic - € mn - Value at Current Prices








Consumer Expenditure on Footwear








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