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                To create the right positioning of “Walenki Filz” brand, several possible associations should be constructed. These associations are:

·  Russia with its folkloric traditions

·  Uniqueness

·  Eccentric fashion

·  Warmth and coziness

·  Comfort and practicality in use

                We shouldn’t forget about the fact that the product is not an upper-market one and does not concentrate on wealthy consumers. The brand creates an added value using all the fashion trends and affordable prices for young people. This decision was made assuming the fact that German teenagers and especially students are quite economical until they earn their living by themselves.

                We should admit that the production and transportation costs are pretty high. That means that budget constrains would not give the possibility to launch full-grown advertising campaign. So we need to assume low promotion costs when introducing the product in German market.

                Taking into consideration these entire factors one can divide the advertising strategy into two parts:

1)  Activities intended for creating mentioned associations;

2)  Promotional activities.

Activities intended for creating mentioned associations

                The association with Russia and its folkloric traditions will be created by company’s logo, which will be mentioned in all other promotional activities. The logo is shaped in two first letters of the both parts of the brand name and colored with the traditional coloration (“khohloma” – хохломскаяроспись).

Без имени-1.jpgнадпись1.jpg

Picture 0.1. Brand logo

                The association with the uniqueness will be reached by means of selective distribution of the product. The product line of “Walenki Filz” will be available only in 4 stores throughout whole Germany. They will be located in four biggest cities, which can be evaluated by the concentration of young people.

Eccentric fashion that is another essential association for the brand image, will be reached by introducing the pictures of the most impressive “WF” within the interactive space and BTL promotion.


2. Pictures of the most impressive WF products

The association of warmth and coziness as well as of comfort and practicality in use will be created by means of the design inside the shops and BTL promotion means mentioned further.

Promotional activities

First type of promotional activity will take place in the Internet web space. The advertising will be placed in German social network called Studiverzeichnis (active URL for this website is The way of promoting can be described with a term “virus marketing” in its best meaning – there won’t be any spam. Several “fake” web-pages will be created. The main aim is to attract people’s attention by means of the profile picture that will show a pretty woman wearing Walenki Filz products. These pictures will create the effect of the lost freshness of vision, providing the brand recognition. Also the web-pages will provide the links for the official website and the addresses of the WF shops. Here is an example of “fake” web-page:


The idea of doing promotion this way is quite easy – a lot of fashionable young people are so to say “web active”, communicating with their friends in social networks. They search for a new friends and feel in their element within the webspace that means that they are free to accept some new information about a fashion product.