Marketing plan for the Siberia organic cosmetics

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Saint Petersburg State University

Graduate School of Management

Marketing plan for the Siberia organic cosmetics

Created by group #8:

Alena Martynyuk

Maria Andreeshcheva

Ekaterina Fedyukova

Tatiana Sokolova

Saint Petersburg


Table of content        

Company Analysis. 3

Customer Analysis. 3

Competitive market analysis. 5

External market analysis. 9

Marketing-mix. 17

Marketing Plan. 18

Conclusion. 21

Company Analysis

We would like to start the situation analysis with an analysis of the company – a scientific production association «Zhivaya Kosmetika Sibiry», which is situated in Novosibirsk. The mission of the company sounds as «to deliver the best of natural organic beauty to our customers».

The main objective: we strive to produce 100% natural organic product based on our unique experience for customers’ health and beauty.

The values of the company are as follows:

−  We care about human beauty and health.

−  We protect our nature.

−  We are against tests on animals.

The firm has a number of unique resources which can be used in order to get a competitive edge over other cosmetics producers. They include:

1.  Unique ingredients from Siberia

2.  Combination of high quality and competitive prices

3.  Eco-image (country of origin, no animal testing, recyclable materials)

4.  R&D expertise and Russian traditions

5.  Efficient production based on eco-friendly technology

Thus, the company is able to provide high quality products at competitive prices which production is based on unique natural ingredients, R&D expertise and Russian traditions of cosmetics preparation, and eco-friendly technology. Finally, the company do all of these within the global eco-trend.

Customer Analysis

Organic cosmetic market is growing exceptionally nowadays. With rising awareness of health and wellness, today’s consumers are willing o choose the safe and pure option. After a huge achievement in organic food products, the cosmetics market is climbing up to reach the towering height of success. A global survey shows that organic cosmetics markets of US and UK are improving dramatically. Whereas other countries are also now enable to capture the market and start their race to compete.

Why organic cosmetic market is growing in UK?

1.  Consumers aren’t eager to apply any artificial thing in the body, lipsticks, eyebrows or lotions. They are searching for naturally fresh products. Consumer’s interest plays the key role in expanding the market of organic cosmetics. New companies start to invest in this market in an intention to earn profit.

2.  Organic skin care product is prepared from fruits, jojoba oil, aloevera and other ingredients of nature. Antioxidants protect the younger look. People are known with this fact that these ingredients are highly effective.

3.  Another study says that an increasing demand for organic products inspire the investors to spread the market around the world. Imitating western culture and lifestyle if highly found among the eastern people. The same concept has worked out in this regard. People wish to go organic and the demand automatically rises up.

4.  Some workshops are opened to spread the organic cosmetic market speedily. The companies have to overcome all the technical problems to produce their products organically. To handle the issues these workshops are established. Behind this market success this formula has also worked out.

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