Marketing plan for the Siberia organic cosmetics, страница 9

•  recyclable materials

•  reduced waste of materials during production

•  involvement in global eco-programs

Action Plan

1st Step: Sales through the Internet

We decided to divide our action plan into two parts. First of all the sales will be through our Internet site with E-shop.  The site will include next content:

•  Company Information

•  Product line

•  Siberian Ingredient Gallery

•  Map of Ingredient Origins

•  Articles about Health and Beauty

•  Global Eco-programs

•  Online Consultant

•  Online Shop ( UK trend)

These materials will help to get known the product, show the advantages of it and on the other hand will decrease the risk of failure. To promote this site it worth to launch context advertisements on health and beauty forums, cosmetics review sites and eco-related sites. Also the banners will be used.

2nd Step: Sales through the intermediary

In addition to the Internet site and existing banners we are going to add print advertisement in beauty magazines such as Glamour and ELLE, in eco-magazines (Coco Eco Magazine for instance). The concept of printed advertisement will be the same as outdoor advertisement which will be described later in report. Moreover there should be promotion of product in point-of-sale so we also add indoor advertisement such as wobblers and shelf talkers. All these materials will highlight the naturalness of product.

Pic 4. Examples of POS-materials

To our mind the other really effective mean of advertising concerning to the Siberia organic cosmetics will be participation in eco-related exhibitions such as Natural & Organic Products Europe 2011. This exhibition takes place in London and works with eco-related products on b2b market as well as on b2c.

Outdoor advertisement

1st Stage: pre-launch on the UK market

We have also divided the outdoor advertisement campaign into two parts.  Concerning our message we have to put a strong emphasis on the naturalness of Siberia organic cosmetics, content of 100% of organic ingredients and the scientific experience of our company. We are going to lounge intriguing series of advertisements delivering the message, but without any product description.

2nd Stage: start of sales on the UK market

On the next stage will be revealing series of previous advertisements with product descriptions and product image. The logo and the concept phrase will remain on the advertisement.


Pic 5. Examples of advertising materials


In this marketing plan our Group presented the key points of launching Siberia cosmetics on the UK market. Several steps have been taken to come from the company description to the action plan on the UK market. Summing up all the findings, our Group would like to claim that Siberia organic cosmetics could have a potential on the UK market because of the huge unsatisfied consumer demand and favorable economic conditions. The company needs, first of all, to improve the image on the Russian market, work out the new package and then start selling on the UK market. Still there are some points that aren’t covered in the marketing plan and need further investigation.

Overall, our Group would like to say thanks to our professor and community for the opportunity to get experience in working out marketing plan of that kind. We are pretty sure that it will be extremely useful for all members of our Group for the future career.