Marketing plan for the Siberia organic cosmetics, страница 7

Table 2. GRID-analysis


As a result of the situation analysis we have conducted a SWOT-analysis in order to organize all the information from the analysis of the company, customer, competitor, and external market environment. 

Basing on our findings from the initial SWOT-analysis we also have conducted an advanced SWOT-analysis and evaluated a range of possible strategies.


Development of efficient (fast, low-cost) distribution channels.


Improvement of brand awareness and investment in promotion in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage over European  rivals.



Development of production facilities and cultivation of components in UK.


Continuous improvement of product quality according to the health care standards of UK.



Reinforcement of the brand on
the UK market through active promotion within ‘green’ trends.


Satisfaction of the demand through extension of production capacities.


Launch of the men’s product line.



Fast expansion and gaining competitive advantage on the UK market.


Gaining competitive advantage through active positioning of ‘Siberia’ as truly natural product line.


Increasing quality of products by development of technologies increasing shelf life.


Marketing strategy

Consequently, basing on the situation analysis we have come up with the following marketing strategy on the United Kingdom natural cosmetics market:

Fast expansion and gaining a sustainable competitive advantage over existent and potential rivals on the UK market by:

•  Reinforcement of the brand and active promotion on the UK market through the emphasis on 100% natural ingredients and  competitive prices

•  Development of efficient distribution channels and technologies prolonging  shelf-life of products

•  Extension of production capacities and launch of the men’s product line


Product description

Siberia– natural organic dermo-cosmetics  produced in Russia containing 100% natural botanic ingredients from Altay, Baikal, Ural (without chemical additives), coupled with appropriate packaging to keep products fresh.

There are a lot of natural ingredients which are used in our cosmetics (propolis, breach leaves, bird cherry, blackcurrants and cowberries).