Marketing plan for the Siberia organic cosmetics, страница 8


Siberia product line includes the following personal care products: face care, body care, hair care, bath and shower, home remedies, gifts and accessories from Siberia.


The price for Siberia products will be higher than average price in the UK cosmetics market, but competitive with comparison to Vichy, Clarins, Biotherm and other premium cosmetics brands.

In the table below the price position of Siberia could be seen (with comparison to the competitors).

40 – 50 GBP

25 – 35 GBP



10 – 15 GBP

Table 3. Price description of Siberia


We would like to start with online sales because it is a trend in United Kingdom and customers are really interested in buying products via online shops. The nest step of our strategy is purchasing products in pharmacies. If the demand is high and sales are growing we can go to the next step – purchasing via special cosmetic shops. All this steps are crucial because of the decision to create special Siberian cosmetic shops. The experience of online sales and sales through pharmacies and cosmetic shops is needed to create a place of Siberian cosmetic with special atmosphere in every Siberian cosmetic shop.


We would like to provide enhanced and up to date product and service training for shop-assistants’ and consultants, to make shopping for customers more comfortable and to shoe that we care about out personnel.


As men are mostly on-line buyers one of the key points is to ensure the Siberian cosmetic presence in the internet. For that reason we will design the internet site very comfortable for online shopping.

Physical evidence 

Core points are:

-  Getting more male staff

-  Adapting in-store ambience to suit the male customers as well

-  Improve and ease on-line shopping experience

Marketing Plan

The Message

Nature’s power has been proven over 3.8 billion years. Moreover people believe in the efficiency of natural components and, for example, nowadays 80% of people use plants as their primary medicine. So nature’s power is undoubted especially if it is Siberia’s. Taiga is a great source of unique plants (app. 5000 species of plants) and therefore natural ingredients. Inspired by the nature we would like to develop the message in these direction thereby highlight the competitive advantages of our product.

Main components of the message delivered to the customer:

    1. 100% natural ingredients
    2. Russian traditions and scientific expertise
    3. Eco-friendly business