The fern’s company

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International marketing

Final work

“The fern’s company”

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Action Plan

Sankt – Petersburg



Introduction. 2

Situation analysis. 3

Company analysis. 3

Customer market analysis. 5

Competitor analysis. 7

Marketing strategy. 9

Product 9

Place. 11

Promotion. 12

Price. 13

External market environment 14

Political aspect 14

Economical aspect 15

Socio-cultural aspect: 16

Technological aspect: 16

S.W.O.T analysis. 17

Strength. 17

Weaknesses. 17

Threats. 18

Opportunities. 18

Strategies. 18

Conclusion. 20

References. 21

Appendices. 22


We are going potentially to set up a company, which specializes in growing, picking, gambling fern in the South Siberia. We had chosen fern, because it is a really interesting and perspective product. First of all, because nowadays healthy products are in fashion. Then, wail there are shortages of researches practically in every country in the word, in Russia there a lot of them for growing fern. So our company could pick fern, without damaging environment in the South of Siberia.      

In this work we try to estimate the internal and external situation on the market of wild eatable plants. Our group made a research of main competitors on the market. We identified their advantages and disadvantages. This research was needed to create our company’s strategies of entering in the market of wild eatable plants. But before entering in the market we need to now and understand our company’s strength and weaknesses, its threats and opportunities. So we prepared S.W.O.T analysis.

Also it is very important to know about customers preferences. Because if don’t not know about it our future margins will be little. And customer analysis helped us to understand what and what types of fern we must produce.

But only produce a products is not enough. We must promote it. If we don’t our consumers won’t know about the properties and the quality of our products and, of cause, their prices.

So this marketing plan helped to create us a company, which can appear in real live and be competitive.         

Situation analysis

The marketing plan starts with the analysis of the market facing our company. This includes the assessment of the company, competitors, customers and external marketing environment. This information is then summarized with the S.W.O.T.  and Grid analyses.

Company analysis

We are going to set up a company, which will sell fern. We are going to locate our company in the South of Siberia, because in that case we will be situated near our main resource - fern and also we can save money on transportation costs. For our project we will need to rent land and to build (rent) an administrative building and production building.

Our main objects are to satisfy customer’s needs and to increase the profit of our company. To realize these objects we are going to prepare and to export fern to South Korea, China and Japan from the south of Siberia. But for the future we consider to cover other segments of the wild plants market. For example, in the future we can also prepare and export mushrooms, ferns roots, and berries.

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