The fern’s company, страница 2

Our company will use several types of resources. Our main resource is fern. We plan to gather fern by our own. For that purpose our company will get special license. We are not going to buy fresh fern from the other firms because it is cheaper to get license and to gather fern by our own.

People can use in the meal only young sprouts of fern because of it we can collect fern only in May and June. According to the statistics in 2006 year from Russia was exported to South Korea, China and Japan about 240 tones of prepared fern, in 2007 – 300 tones. In 2010 this digit will increase till 540 tones.[1] For the first year we are going to collect about 100 tones of fresh fern and to increase the amount of collected fern in the future.

Also we will need technological resources. We have to buy industrial equipment to prepare salt fern. We are planning to buy foreign equipment. Because Russian equipment has usually bad quality and it does not allow producing fern of good quality. If we take into account that we are going to export fern we should pay a lot of attention to the quality of our product.

Besides that we are going to recruit 26 people. 6 of them will be administrative staff and also 20 workers. But for the future we are not excepted to increase the number of total staff which is connected with the possible extension of the production.

Information is also the important resource for our company. We need to gather a lot of information in different areas before running foreign operations. Firstly we should gather marketing information connected with our target market. We have to research our target market and our potential customers. Also we need to get information about our potential competitors, about their strategies, partners, future plans.

But we should not forget that we are going to sell the specific product – fern. In Russia that plant has not been studied well. Before exporting fern we should study carefully that plant, its properties, and its structure. Also we can make special researches to find new properties of that plant.

Customer market analysis

We are going to export fern mainly to South Korea and also to China and Japan. So our target customers are situated in these countries. Our product oriented on the middle price segment.

We consider our product will be bought mainly by people of medium age. But we also hope that young people and old people will buy our product. According to the statistic in South Korea people between 15-64 years is about 72.1% of the population.[2] So we can consider them as our potential customers.

In addition our product will be served in restaurants of medium class. We hope, that dishes with fern will be ordered by local people and also by tourists. So we hope that tourists will be also our potential customers.

In the Southeast Asia everyday meal is different from European. Especially in China, South Korea people eat different beetles, caterpillars. Also they eat mushrooms, berries, which Russian people never use in their meal. Fern is not the exception. That’s why our target groups of people do not consider fern as a delicacy which they can eat only by special occasions. They will use our product in their home meal, in different soups, salads and etc.

Our customers are people with average level of income, who lead a healthy way of life or care about their health.

In that part we should also mention the demographic situation in the Southeast Asia. The population of our target countries increases. Nearly everyone knows that nowadays China is the country with the biggest population on the Earth. And every year it increases on millions of people. South Korea is also the country with the increasing population. In South Korea the population accounts 49 232 844 people. And comparing with the previous year it grew on 0.3%.[3] So in that case we can say that we have the potential growth of demand, connected with the growth of population.