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In Asia the situation is a bit different. People used to eat there fern from ancient times and they use it in their everyday meal. They use fern in different dishes: salads, soups. That’s why we can change a way of distribution of fern in these countries. Our product can be distributed not only to specialized shops but also to traditional shops, or supermarkets chains, because people use that product in everyday meal.

Besides traditional shops we will distribute our product to the cafes and restaurants, where dishes with fern can be ordered by local people and also by tourists. For restaurants and cafes we prepared big packing (10 kilo).


When we speak about promotional “P” we often consider advertising, sales promotion, personal selling’s and public relations. In our promotional activities we will mainly use advertising and sales promotion. Our promotional activities will be focused on final-customers.

Speaking about advertising we will not use television or radio advertising, because the price of these tools is too high. Mainly we are going to focus on paper and internet advertising, which help us to focus directly on our target customers.

We are going to place our advertisements in magazines, connected with sport, fitness, sport or healthy food. The main advantage of the given method is that it allows concentrating advertising on the chosen group of consumers and effectively informing that category of people.

In the Internet we are going to use banner and contextual advertising. Advantages of the internet advertising are the best coverage of target audience and low cost in comparison with traditional means of advertising. For the internet advertising we will buy the places for advertisements on corresponding web pages (connected with sport, fitness, sport or healthy food) at the basic search servers.

Also we will use sales promotion. For the first time we can use coupons. We can stick coupons to the package. These coupons will give our customer the discount for the next purchase.

In our promotional messages we will mainly make accent, that we sell healthy product. We should underline all vitamins and elements, which contains fern and also their useful influence on our health. So we are going to promote fern as a healthy product, and to claim, that we sell health.

Also we can make a small promotion campaign about region (Siberia), from which we are going to export fern. Usually foreign people think that Siberia covered with snow 12 month a year. And some of them can not understand how we can gather fern in Siberia and does it really grow there. To blast this illusion we can make a small advertising campaign in Internet. We have chosen the Internet because the number of people who use the Internet increases and it is one of the cheapest advertising tools. We can place some movies on the Internet which will show people the Siberia, its nature and growing fern.


Our price strategy will be oriented on the medium segment. We will sell Pteridium (Орляк) at a price of $2 per kilo, Osmunda (Осмунда) at a price of $8 per kilo and Matteuccia (Страусник) at a price of $4 per kilo.[11]

Mainly we are going to focus on medium segment because of some reasons. Firstly the majorities of people who buy fern belong to medium class and get not very high incomes. Also Russia does not have modern technologies, infrastructure, and enough information about the fern to produce it for the high segment.   

Also the price of our product is very sensitive to the amount of collected fern. If the harvest of fern will be big, we can collect more fern and to reduce the price of sale. But sometimes weather conditions (cold winter, lack of rains) can influence on the amount of collected fern.  If we collect not enough fern we have to increase its price because our main resource will be in deficit.