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Our market is emerging, that is why now there appear a lot of new competitors both in Russian and Asian markets. They have a new technology of gambling, new gambling machines. So this is a real problem for our company.

  Also Siberian fern’s quality is very important for Asian customers. We need all the time support it. But it is quit difficult because of the changeable weather in Siberia. Fern’s quality will be suffer if there will be light frosts during pickling.


Nowadays healthy lifestyle is in fashion. And fern is healthy product. We can use this tendency to promote it like a product for people who do fitness and keep a diet or just leading a healthy lifestyle.

            Since the ancient times Asian people use fern like a medicine and now they continue to do it. As alternative Medicine is very popular in these countries. We face the opportunity to go into different market segment, alternative medicine products.    


In this part we will try to combine the points from the S.WO.T. analysis and to identify the way how we can avoid each threats, eliminate each weaknesses by using our strength and opportunities.


            Using our main strength side – a lot of resources. We can broaden our opportunity to go into medicine alternative products, because we can deliver enough fern into both market segments. 


Fern’s quality is very important for consumer, so we must pursue our consumers that fern is a very qualitative product. And we can do it by giving in the advertising pictures of how we pick and gamble and pack it.

            To create a competitive advantage, to compete with our rivals we can sell our fern on a low price, because we have a lot of resources for growing it. And this will be possible for us deliver fern at low price, without losing profit.  


Our important task is to raise fern’s awareness. Because not many people know that fern in itself is a product, which contains good substances. And about few know about Siberian fern. So in our advertising campaign we will put the message about fern as a healthy product. Also if we can deliver fern into two markets we will reduce our costs, because our costs will be covered by our margin.


In this part we should think of how we can get rid of our weaknesses and to eliminate our company’s threats. Well, to keep a definite market share our company must to compete with the rivals in Asian market. And to create a competitive advantage we must raise awareness of Siberian high quality.

S.W.O.T analysis/ table 1





•  We have a lot of resources for growing fern

•  Asian like the quality of Siberian fern

•  The price of Siberian fern is not very high

•  Pickling only in May and June

•  Production costs

•  Lack of information about  Siberian fern quality



•   Rivals

•   Fern quality is important



•  Healthy lifestyle is in fashion

•  Alternative way of using: medicine