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Also speaking about consumer preferences we should pay attention that nowadays healthy lifestyle is in fashion. People pay more attention to their health, what they eat; also they visit different sport clubs. According to the statistic in tote every year in Japan imports about 1000 tones of fern and about 38 tones in South Korea. According to the prognosis the consumption of fern in South Korea in 2009 year will increase on 3%.[4]

That tendency has a positive influence on selling of our product. We can use that tendency in our promotional campaigns. We can promote our product as a healthy product.

Moreover nowadays people especially in South Korea prefer to buy Siberian fern rather than fern from the Far East. They believe that fern from the Far East became worse and less tasty. That’s we can consider the export of fern from the Siberia as our competitive advantage.

Competitor analysis

            Market of wild eatable plants in Russia is emerging market. And now there appear a lot of companies, which grow, pick, gamble and transport fern. We identified the main competitors in Russian market. They are “Krasota SM”, “Siberian dikorosi”, “Enisei ecoproduct”.

Advantages. “Krasota SM” is a big and well known company, which has a wide range of products. Now its volume of production is growing, in 2-3 times in a year. It has its own technology of growing, pickling and gambling fern. After 5 year it plans to increase staff and range of product. The main competitive advantage of this company is that it picks not only plants but also barriers. The quality of products of this company is high and the price is low.[5]

            “Siberian dikorosi” also specializes in picking wild eatable plants, but its main products are nuts and mushrooms. And they had a contract for deliver it in China and Russian regions. It is the most important threat for our company.[6]

            “Enisei ecoproduct” is a big company in Krasnoyarsk region and it is a subsidiary of the “Karavaj” company. Its main field is pickling different sorts of mushrooms, berries, nuts and wild eatable plants. This company participates in external economic activity and interested in dealing with international partners, and also it is ready for long term relationships with them.[7]

Disadvantages. “Krasota SM” spends a lot of moneypicking and gambling different types of products, that is why their costs are very high.

            “Siberian dikorosi” is a new company in Russian market. The company operates in Russia since 1999.“Siberian dikorosi” is only stating its development. It hasn’t definite market segment and market share.

              “Enisei ecoproduct” tries to find suppliers of modern deep freezing equipment. But the company’s technology of freezing is quite old.

Competitor matrix/table 1

“Krasota SM”

“Siberian dikorosi”

“Enisei ecoproduct”

Nature of practice

Growing, pickling, gambling wild eatable plant and berries; producing juice and jams

Growing, picking, gambling main mushrooms and nuts; only then fern

Growing, picking, gambling berries, nuts, mushrooms, fern; producing jams






Has its own website with full information about its rang of products

Officially hasn’t its own website, but the company has its page

This company has its own website with descriptions of its range of products and the company’s activity


The company has only internet advertising. It gives different pictures of its products in their website

Hasn’t any seeable advertising, only information about the company activity and its product range in the internet

This company has advertising only in its website


Try to emphasize on the high quality and low price of its products

Pay attention to their high technology of growing, picking and gambling plants

Try emphasize on its wild range of products, especially on berries


There is no information about price, but it isn’t high

There is no information about price, but it isn’t high

There is no information about price, but it isn’t high