Tobacco and Narcotic substances. How Does Smoking Affect Health? Narcotics and Other Dangerous Substances (Тексты для перевода)

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1.Прочитайте и письменно переведите выделенный курсивом отрывок.

Tobacco and Narcotic substances.

Do you know that you can make de­cisions that will affect your health for years to come? Your decision not to smoke can have an enormous effect on your health. You probably know some people who smoke and wonder whether their health is poorer because of their smoking. Perhaps you wonder whether the reports that smoking is harmful to health are true.

This chapter will give you informa­tion about the ways smoking affects health. It will show you some of the hows and whys of smoking and health.

A subject that has been closely re­lated to smoking in the minds of many people is drinking. Both are supposed to be bad for your health. Do you know whether drinking is really harmful to health? Do you know why many people consider alcoholic beverages a prob­lem? The answers to these questions are of great importance to your health.

The group of drugs called narcotics (när kot'ics) can produce terrible ef­fects on the nervous system. These drugs ruin the lives of those who take them habitually. They are so power­ful that they can make people depend­ent upon them. Perhaps you will never have any contact with narcotics. But, if someone offers you a narcotic, do you know what to do? If not, your life could be made miserable.

2. Поставьте 5 вопросов ко всему содержанию текста

3 Употребите глагол-сказуемое в правильной форме

Why 1 _____ (to be)  alcohol so attractive to teenagers? Alcohol 2_____ (to be) a magic drug. It 3_____ (to take)  away problems. Teenage drinkers 4_____ no longer _____ (to worry) about their pimples or sexuality. It 5_____ (to seem) almost normal for people 6_____(to turn) to the bottle in a stress situation: alcohol 7_____ (to be) available everywhere. The media 8_____ (to make) you believe that ours 9_____ (to be) a culture in which drinking is the grown-up thing to do. Westerns and other films so often 10_____ (show) a hero with a drink that drinking 11_____(to become) a sign of strength. If you can 12_____ (to drink) a lot of alcohol and 13 _____ (to show) its effects, you 14_____ (to prove) that you are "a man." It’s all very confusing to the teenager. He 15_____ (to know) if he 16_____ (to drink) at 15, it 17_____ (to be) illegal and he 18___ (to be) in trouble. But if he 19 _____ (to drink) at 18 or 21 (depending, in the USA or another state) it 20_____ (to be) legal.

4. Выберитеправильныйпредлог

1.  Jet passenger planes, millions of automobiles and an increasing number of people contribute (about, on, to, with, in) the greater amounts of noise.

2.  A considerable amount of evidence shows that noise is sometimes harmful (for, to, of, by, on) health.

3.  Many people work in a noisy environment and never appear to be affected (for, by, on, in, with) it.

4.  Part of this effect may occur because noise affects the operation of the mind (at, on, for, about, in)some minor way.

5.  Did you know that jet pilots are very conscious (on, for, in, of , to) the noise their planes make?

6.  The problem of noise, however, begins ( on, for, under, at, in) sounds of medium loudness.

7.  (About, in, through, for, of) this reason, the noise of jet planes is very annoying to most people.

8.  Whenever possible, pilots fly special routes (for, on, in, at, under ) order to avoid flying low over heavily populated areas.

9.  (Before, until, after, at, about) plane manufactures solve the noise problem, people will have to accept the annoyance that is by-product of jet planes.

10.  Whenever a plane reaches the speed of sound it sends out a pair of shock waves of an ocean liner as she sails ( around, behind, above, across, in)  the Atlantic.

5. Соедините слово в правой колонке в его определением слева

  1. supplement

a) the process of combining oxygen and another element to produce energy

  1. tissue

b)something that is nourishing

      3.   oxidation

c)to add something

     4.    calorie

d)something or someone that is dangerous

      5.    nutrient

e) the material forming animal or plant cells

      6.   gastrointestinal system

f) a punishment for breaking  a law

      7.   respiratory system

g) the practice of treating illness by removing or repairing the damaged part of the body

      8.   penalty

h)  the body system that includes the organs that digest food

      9.   menace

i) the body system that includes the organs that perform the breathing function

    10.   surgery

j) a quantity of heat necessary to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water one degree of centigrade

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