Tobacco and Narcotic substances. How Does Smoking Affect Health? Narcotics and Other Dangerous Substances (Тексты для перевода), страница 6

4. Выберите правильный предлог

1.  Long before all the good land can be brought (under, in, at, since, by) proper cultivation, the need for good will have increased greatly.

2.  Actually, algae has been used (on, at, for, by, to) food for centuries.

3.  The problem of creating a pleasant –tasting foods of algae can be solved by making the algae (from, in, for, into, to) a tasteless powder to be added to other foods.

4.  Another concentrated source (in, of, to, into, at) protein that could be used to feed the hungry millions is concentrated fish flour.

5.  (On, from, for, in, at) this reason, many people think that fish flour is an answer to the world’s increasing food needs.

6.  Incaparina is made ( on, of, in, at, from) cottonseed, corn, and sorghum, all inexpensive foodstuffs.

7.  Man has made great progress( in, at, from, for, by)  developing solutions to his food needs.

8.  You can be sure that as man’s need (to, from, since, for, at) new food grows, artificially created foods will become an important part of people’s diets.

9.  The problems of taste and nutritional value have been partially solved (on, at, in, with, to) a process of pasteurization.

10.  Food irradiated (on, for, in, by, under) this way retains its flavor and vitamins.

5.  Соедините слово в правой колонке в его определением слева

  1. metabolism

a)something that may be dangerous

  1. irradiate

b)the height of something

      3.   hazard

c) the chemical processes by which food is turned into energy in your body

  1. purifying devices

d)a disease caused by bacteria, especially in an infected wound

      5.    altitude

e) to treat with some form of radiant energy

  1. circulatory system

f) the period between childhood and adulthood

  1. respiratory system

g) a mental hospital

      8.   adolescence

h)  the body system that includes the organs that perform the function of blood movement

  1. tetanus

i)the body system that includes the organs that perform the breathing function

    10.   asylum

j) devices removing dirty or harmful substances