Tobacco and Narcotic substances. How Does Smoking Affect Health? Narcotics and Other Dangerous Substances (Тексты для перевода), страница 3

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1.  Air pollution is not only unattractive, but it is also a hazard (for, on, to, within, by) health and property.

2.   The chemicals man throws (about, on, for, since, into) the aircan cause many diseases.

3.  One type of smog is the London type, which is caused ( on, in, at, by, with)smoke from thousands of coal-burning stoves and fireplaces.

4.  The photochemical type appears when the sunlight acts ( in, upon, with, at, from) the chemicals in automobiles exhaust gases.

5.   The sunlight changes the auto exhaust gases and other chemicals trapped in the air (on, for , from, into, about) other gases.

6.  Photochemical smog is very irritating (on, in, from, to, by) the eyes, the nose and the lungs.

7.  It even reduces auto tire life to a great extent (in, for, from, because, by)cracking the rubber.

8.  This type of smog forms only ( under, in, since, for, across) certain weather conditions.

9.  California has passed laws to control smog (in, on, by, from, as) prohibiting people from releasing so many impurities in the air.

10.  There is less progress ( at, in, from, by, for) reducing the smoke from homes.

5. Соедините слово в правой колонке в его определением слева

  1. traits

a)strong cords that control the location and movements of bones

  1. frustration

b)small hairlike projections that line certain passages in the body

      3.   tendons

c) particular qualities in someone’s character

     4.    RNA

d)a large container for a very hot fire

      5.    cilia

e) a feeling brought on by vain attempts to accomplish something

      6.   depressant 

f) the body system that includes the organs that digest food

      7.   respiratory system

g) to add something

      8.   gastrointestinal system

h)  a drug that reduces internal body activity, a drug used to reduce pain

      9.   furnace

i) the body system that includes the organs that perform the breathing function

    10.   supplement

j) ribonucleic acid


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Narcotics and Other Dangerous Substances

Narcotics addiction. Some sub­stances are even more dangerous than alcohol. These are drugs that dull a person's senses and cause him to be­come so dependent on drugs that he will cheat, beg, steal, or even kill to maintain his supply. These drugs, called narcotics, make the user both physically and mentally dependent on them.

Why do people become addicts? People become addicts for many rea­sons. Some people take their first dose of drugs for the "kicks" and feelings of joy that the first few doses bring. A few others become addicts because they become dependent on drugs that were prescribed to ease the pain of an illness or surgical operation. This group is very small, however.

Almost all narcotics addicts use drugs to escape reality. They are men­tally ill, as well as physically depen­dent on drugs. They cannot face real life so they escape into the dream world, where they can ignore the prob­lems and responsibilities of life.

Synthetic drugs. Two types of man-made drugs are also creating serious problems in the United States. These are the barbiturates (bar bich' ə rāts) and amphetamines (am fet' ə mēnz). These two compounds are often used under medical advice. But their use by persons without a doctor's supervision is dangerous. Because both drugs are relatively easily obtained, they are a menace to people who might be tempted to misuse them.