Grammar: Infinitive (forms and functions)

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Unit 8

Grammar : Infinitive (forms and functions)


I.  Practice reading the following:

1) one-syllable words:

- vast, new, port, field, rock, past, way, depth, ship, sail, such, thus, heat, bring, use, soil

2) two-syllable words with the stress on the first syllable:

-cover, border, water, safely, study, modern, special, bottom, picture, travel, climate

3) two-syllable words with the stress on the second syllable:

- expanse, until, explore, research, engage, enable, conduct, device, expand

4) many-syllable words:

- practically, oceanography, complicated, navigation, scientist, instrument, reservoir, moreover, investigation, knowledge

5) word-combinations:

- chemical properties of water, various depths, research ships, scientific work, oceanographic observations, measuring instruments, the earth's magnetic field, living organisms, electric potential

II. Memorize the spelling and pronunciation of the following words:

Surface-          ['s:fIs]                - поверхня

Scientific -       ["saIn'tIfIk]                  - науковий

Research-        [rI's:tS]              - дослідження

Movement -    ['mu:vmnt]         - рух

Reveal -          [rI'vi:l]                  - виявляти

Device -          [dI'vaIs]                - пристрій

Invention -      [In'venSn]             - винахід

Specimen -      ['spesImIn]           - зразок

Indicate-                    ['IndIkeIt]             - показувати

Investigation-  [In" vestI'geISn]          - дослідження



The oceans cover 147 million square miles of the earth's total surface of 197 million square miles. Geographically, this vast expanse of water has been very thoroughly explored; the surface currents have been charted, the depths of the seas bordering the land have been carefully sounded. Yet, the nature of the ocean was practically unknown until recently, when new techniques and careful mapping did disclose new details of the ocean waters.

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