Understanding the main points. Supposing you were Communications Manager in a large organisation, what advice would you give managers to avoid communications problems

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limit oneself to what is relevant to the subject being discussed

say something irrelevant

draw attention to something

express your opinion, offer an argument, e.g. He made several valuable points at our last production meeting, make a special effort to, e.g. I shall make a point of visiting our agent when I go to Madrid next week.

about to do something, e.g. I was on the point of leaving my office when I got a telex from Japan, not completely in a forceful, direct manner

Complete the following sentences, using suitable verbs, phras^* and expressions from the table above.

1  Our Chairman likes to know everyone in the firm. When he

visits our factory he ..................... chatting with all the staff he 1


2  Harry is boring at meetings, He talks for hours and never

3  Pamela is very good at chairing meetings. She makes sure that! speakers W..................

4  1 thought John ..................... at the meeting about our need to

improve our distribution system.

5  I don't entirely accept your analysis of the situation, but 1 agree

j a rumour tha_t there will be quite a few redundancies when'we're taken over!'there's only one way to find out. I'll have to ask the Personnel Director......................

7  Peter seems to be really fed up with his job at the moment. I'd sav he is.................. leaving the company.

8  The Financial Director................Щ,that the loan would have

to be repaid within ten years.

2 Idiomatic uses of back back up their view (line 18)

put your back into it

back out

back down back up

back-date (v.)

break the back of

have your back against the wall



backhander (informal) backlog


work very hard (usually physical


withdraw (from an agreement,'a

contract etc.)

admit that you are wrong

support someone (in a discussion or argument)

make effective from an earlier date e.g. My salary increase was backdated to January.

finish the most difficult/main part of a job/task be in a difficult situation

a person's social class, education, training or experience

support (moral or financial)


accumulation of uncompleted work,

unfulfilled orders etc.

e.g, When I returned to work from

my holiday, there was an enormous

backlog of correspondence to deal


very hard, tiring physical work

Answer the following questions using suitable verbs, phrases and expressions from the table above.

1  If you are not happy when negotiating a contract, what's the best thing to do?

2  What sort of person would you select to run a major car manufacturing company?

3  Suppose you are a creative person and you have just invented a revolutionary electric razor but do not have enough money to develop it yourself. What would you try to do?

4  In some countries, goods can be delayed at customs for a long time. How might some dishonest people speed up clearance of the goods?

5 Some workers have to spend all day lifting heavy cases on and off trucks. How would you describe that sort of work?

6  How does the owner of a firm feel when he/she is faced with a desperate situation such as a huge tax bill or bankruptcy?

It is September. After several months of hard negotiations between your union and management you learn that you are to receive a pay increase, What do you hope management have agreed to?                                                        

8 You have been working all morning-on a difficult task. Now you feel fairly happy. Why?

Use the remaining verbs, phrases and expressions with back in your own sentences.

Сообщение проблемы будут возникать и из времени, в • Бес ^ ipi'companies. Вместе с тем, чтобы свести к минимуму такие проблемы, менеджеры должны запомнить одну вещь. Сообщение должно быть двусторонним процессом. Менеджеры должны поощрять сотрудников, задавать вопросы и реагировать на то, что руководители говорят.Обратная связь имеет важное значение. Самый полезный вопрос, менеджер может попросить есть "Ты xmdetig ^ jjffl И ФА! R.1

Понимание основных моментов

1 Число следующие идеи 1-8, в зависимости от порядка, в котором они фигурируют в тексте.

В В поисках опыта авторов привести много примеров из способов, с помощью которых организации пытаются сломать барьеры между администрацией и работниками. б подчиненные часто хотят сообщить своему начальству когда вещи не собираемся хорошо. с В наиболее успешно управляемых организаций связь очень хорошая, поскольку сотрудники отвечают на обсудить вещи открыто и неформально. D Сообщение проблем, иногда происходят, когда работники неправильно, что их руководители сказать им, электронная Лучше связь между руководителями и работниками может быть достигнуто путем пытаются уменьшить социальное неравенство между ними в рамках компании.F Цель этой книги состоит в том, чтобы проиллюстрировать хороший методов управления, которые используются в американской

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