The plan of the Supermarket «Holiday»

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The plan of the Supermarket «Holiday»

I would like to tell you about the plan of the supermarket «Holiday», which is near to my house.

As soon as you have come into the supermarket, you can see shelves for things and carriages. Not alcoholic beverages (juice, lemonade) are at the front of the shelves for things. The demonstration area is in the front of the beverages. Beer drinks are next to not alcoholic beverages. Wine department is next to veer drinks. «Fast food» is in the middle of this supermarket. Between the counters with nuts and chips is aisle #2. Aisle #1 is between counter with chips and the Demonstration area. Semi finished items are on the left of the counter with chips. Sausage department is opposite the semi finished items. The grain department is on the left of the sausage department. Beverages with drying, gingerbreads, coffee and tea is opposite of the grain department. Department of canned food is below this beverages. Department of pies is on the left of the beverages with drying, gingerbreads, coffee and tea. Beverages with cheeses are below the department of pies. Department of dairy products is on the right of the beverages with cheeses. And, finally, you can see the checkout, which include 4 cash departments.

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