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1.     In many modern companies the initiative of the employees is appreciated but

2.     The good manager should know when and to whom he should delegate authority.

3.     Before to begin the new project it is necessary to lead personal meeting with the future partner to establish relationships.

4.     Before to do gifts to the foreign partner it is necessary to familiarize yourself with traditions and customs of this country.

5.     Cut off the relationships is much easier than to keep.

6.     In Japan employees usually do lifetime employment. 

7.     A company is sensitive to needs customers.

8.     In Eastern countries initiative of subordinates often is punishable because they have to blindly obey orders from above.

9.     Task of our seminar to prepare businessmen for possible pitfalls on job with foreign partners.

10.     Harmony relationships are very important for creation of working atmosphere.

11.     First of all Japanese managers are generalists.

12.     Skill to go on the compromise and sacrifice personal interests for the sake of company’s success is characteristic for the Japanese.

13.     Giving clocks in China is seen as offensive because clock in this country is a sign of bad luck or death.

14.     Rotation helps to the employees to mature.

15.     It is necessary to remember the dos and don’ts of countries with unfamiliar culture.

16.     It was necessary to cancel tomorrow’s meeting.

17.     Achieve harmony is very difficult.

18.     Experts could not arrive at the consensus on quality of the good.

19.     It is important for me to familiarize with strategy of your company.

20.     If you are dissatisfied by quality of product, we have right to cancel order and return your money.

21.     Rotation gives for employee’s opportunity to receive complete representation about work of all company.

22.     If you in don’t known counter than it is better to observe rules than ignore these.

23.     Accept it as a sign of respect.

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