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1.What are the most serious env. threats?

2 What is environmental responsibility?Give examples of the most env.responsible companies.

3.What are green products?

4.Is spending money on env. issues a waste of money for companies?

5.Describe the env.policy of Patagonia

6.How to reduce negative impact of industry on nature?

1 The most serious environmentally threats is pollution of air, water and earth. It’s smoke in the air, nuclear and chemical pollution of earth, formation of ozone layer which will result to global worming.

2. Environmental responsibility means that you should concerned to environment very serious, you should always think about what impact have your actions on environment, and if this impact not good you should find way how cut waste and how reduce your impact to minimum.

3. Green product or organic product which was brought up without any fertilizers and chemicals.

4. In first time maybe yes, but after some moment it will attract more customers because they will know and will be sure that this company produce environmentally-friendly products and that this company don’t taxing on the earth.


6. If you want to reduce impact on nature you should find alternative energy and water, you should cut waste and use packaging which may be recycled. Also you should replace road transport and airplanes on different more environmentally-friendly transport.

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