The Art Of Negotiation

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The Art Of Negotiation

Negotiating is an essential communicative activity in business. Then selling or buying concludes deal with other company negotiator must use their negotiating skills. What do negotiators good negotiators?

First of all good negotiators must have good understanding of subject. Also they must know all about company’s general policy and must be familiar with organizational structure and decision-making process. But awareness of these facts may not suffice to reach a successful outcome.

In order to reach success good negotiators must have a range of objectives and have “fall-back” position thus allow themselves to make concession. Skillful negotiators are persuasive, articulate people, who select key arguments and repeat them; tenacity is important quality too. Good negotiators try to create a harmonies atmosphere at the start of negotiations because they know that real benefit of deal may come much later.

There are two types of negotiation. Negotiators can use either competitive style or co-operative one. In co-operative style basic principle is that both parties can gain something from negotiating without harming the interests of the other. In other words that both sides are benefit. This type of negotiating is likely place in-house between colleagues and department or between companies when there is longstanding friendship and pursues the common goals. Unfortunately co-operative style without the trace of competitive is rare, because unscrupulous people may take advantage of co-operative people.

The opposite mode to co-operative negotiating is competitive. Negotiators see each other as opponents. This type of negotiating is used in the case of one-off contracts where the aim is to get the best result without considering future friendship or a risk of breakdown in negotiating. The language in this type of discussion  may become hostile and threatening if it remains formal.

But usually skilled negotiators complex blend the two styles of negotiating. Negotiating successfully implies dealing appropriately with 4 main components of any negotiating: facts, people, co-operative and competition.

In negotiating also there are four main phases: the preparation phase, the debating phase, the proposal phase and bargaining phase.

So, in order to success in any negotiating, good negotiators must not only have skills and to be prepared to any outcome of events.

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