Improving Complex the Central Bank pls

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Improving Complex  the  Central  Bank   pls

In this organization are necessary, the following working persons:

1. The cook;

2. Waiters;

3. The manager;

4. The cleaner;

5. The security  of a building;

6. The security  of territory;

7. The doctor;

8. Medical workers;

9. The masseur.

Major objective of creation of this company is, the organization of rest for people. 

At the request of the client, we can render to it treatment-and-prophylactic services. Trips on a nature are organized. The individual approach to each client is provided.

Our basic clients are workers of the Central Bank, their family and friends.

Competitors for us are all organizations working in our branch.

Our distinction from competitors is, that we insure people which have a rest in our complex, at a discount 47 %.  Highly skilled experts work for us/

People can learn about our existence from TV advertising, advertising on street stands and from familiar.

The complex is located in the district remote from city that provides creation of an optimum atmosphere for rest.

Except for the main premise, the complex has a premise of pool, a treatment-and-prophylactic premise, a sports hall.


            1. Improvement of a moral and physical condition of citizens;

            2. Increase of monetary streams in the Central Bank.

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