Banking. In all country in all over the world there is banking sector

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Kurbatov Maxim


In all country in all over the world there is banking sector. It made up off different institutions supervised by the country’s central bank. Central bank  responsible for governments finance, for monitor policy and it may be banker of other banks, for example: commercial bank and for merchant bank.

Commercial banks work with individuals. Clients of this bank can keep their money in bank and receive interest, or on the contrary make loan under interest, which you should pay to the bank. Also bank may offer you many other services like: Transfer money from one account to another, bank may give you mortgage, exchange currency.

Merchant banks work only with companies and corporate clients. Main services of this bank almost same as services of commercial banks. This type of banks can keep money of company and may give a loan under interest. Except for that bank may give advices on aspects of corporate finance.

Also in bank you may move money from one account to another. If you keep your money in bank, you can use credit and debit card, checkbook and you may receive money from cash machine or cashpoint.

In our days you can manage your account from Internet, all you need for this is boot up your laptop and connect to Internet. From Internet you may do different payments, you can receive up-to-minute information about money which you have on your account and many other information.

Banks in the modern world suggest more and more various options. Banks more and more deeply enter into our life, services of banks use more and more people. Every day electronic payments use more and more, and cash are used less every day. All this in the near future can result in that that all payments become extremely electronic, and cash will get out of use and will cease to exist.

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