Warehouse Types. Material shandling. Packaging for the Customer. Warehouse Types (Тексты для контрольной работы № 4), страница 10

•  Space rental on a square-foot basis

. Office and display space; special clerical and telephone service

•  Traffic information

•  Handling and distribution of pool cars and consolidated shipments

•  Physical inventories

•  Modern data facilities

•  freight-consolidation plan

•  Packaging-and-assembly service

•  Fumigation

•  Marking, tagging, stenciling, wrapping

•  Parcel post and express shipments

•  Dunnage and bracing

•  Loading and unloading of cars and trucks

•  Repairing, coopering, sampling, weighing, and inspection

•  C.O.D. collections

•  Compiling special stock statements

•  Maintenance of delivery to accredited customer lists

•  Local and long-distance trucking

•  Appliance delivery and installation

•  Warehouse receipt forms (negotiable and nonnegotiable)

•  O.S.&D. (over, short, and damage) reports prepared

•  Proration of freight charges

•  Prepaying of freight bills

•  Credit information

•  Loans on stored commodities

•  Field-warehousing services «Waterbome freight terminal services

•  Storage of machinery, steel, and other items requiring special handling equipment

•  Yard storage

» Dry-bulk-commodity handling, storage, and bagging

•  Liquid-bulk handling, storage, drumming, and bottling

•  Handling and storage of containerized materials

Several of these services need special mention, either because they are unique to public warehousing or because of their importance to potential users.

Bonding arrangements are made with the government for certain goods, such as tobacco and liquor, on which taxes or duties are levied. The arrangement is between the owner of the merchandise and the government, whereby the goods cannot be removed from the warehouse (unless to another bonded warehouse) until the required taxes or duties are paid. The owner of the good benefits by not having to pay the taxes or duties until the time the goods are sold. This minimizes the capital tied up in inventoried goods. Public warehouse operators act as agents to assure the government that the goods are in the warehouse!. The concept of bonding also extends to goods stored in private warehouses.

The concept of bonding can be applied to goods entering the country that are destined for markets in the country or in foreign countries. Free trade zones have been established around the country, usually in port areas. These fenced-in areas may contain manufacturing or warehouse facilities. A foreign company may land goods in the free trade zone, carry on light manufacturing, store the goods, and not pay import duties until the goods enter the country outside the zone. If the goods move into foreign markets, no import duties are paid.

1. Что вы узнали из текста? Поговорите о складах и навесах.

1. When must cargoes be delivered on quay for loading?

2. What cargoes call for warehouses storing?

3. What cargoes may be stored without root protection?

4. What may happen to perishable cargoes stored without roof protection?

5. What factors may cause damage to cargo?

6 What type of sheds and warehouses do you know?

7. What types of lighting are used in warehouses?

8. What goods should be kept in port cold-stores?

9. What do the railways and roads in the port serve for?

2.Скажите по-английски

1. Доставьте этот груз на причал до прибытия судна.

2. Не теряйте времени и начинайте погрузку немедленно.

3. Разные грузы хранятся на складах.

4. Хранение на складах защищает грузы от повреждения.

5. Эти машины упакованы в ящики, поэтому их можно оставить на два дня на причале.

6. Распределив груз равномерно, иначе пол второго этажа не выдержит большой нагрузки.

7. На наших складах имеется хорошее естественное и искусственное освещение.

8. Это грузовое место имеет значительный вес.

9. Оставьте достаточные зазоры между грузовыми местами, иначе вы не сможете их перемещать.