Marketing plan for the Herbal Chest Packs

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Saint Petersburg State University

Graduate School of Management

Marketing plan for the Herbal Chest Packs

(final project for the International Marketing course)

Created by group #5:

Alena Huburina,

Polina Kozlova,

Valeria Nikitina,

Andrey Shostka,

Boris Kaakkunen

Saint Petersburg


Table of contents

About Herbal Chest Pack. 3

Habits of treatment in Russia. 3

Herbal Chest Pack Substitutes. 4

Customer analysis. 4

Customer buying behavior 5

Target audience. 6

Competitive analysis. 6

External Market Environment 6

Political Environment 7

Economic Environment 7

Socio-cultural Environment 8

Technological Environment 9

Ecological Factors. 9

Legal Environment 9

Grid Analysis. 10

SWOT analysis. 11

TOWS analysis. Strategies. 13

Marketing Mix. 13

Product 13

Price. 15

Place. 15

Promotion. 15

Entry mode. 18

Conclusion. 19

About Herbal Chest Pack

Herbal Chest Pack is a medicine developed to break up with lung diseases such as bronchitis. It can be also used to mitigate the cough and to prevent the serious consequences of the ailment. Herbal Packs is filled up with herbs. So it is very ecological product by its nature.

Herbal chest pack is very easy to use. It is placed on the skin of the patient. The pack should be activated by hot water. It makes the herbs working softly. Also the aromatherapy as accompanying effect influences well the patient. The product is not disposable, so the patients can use it two times or more by reactivating it with the hot water. But certainly the more product is used the less utility it can propose.

Also herbal packs are useful to calming down and fall asleep when the person is ill.

The key idea of this product is that herbal pack is brilliant alternative to old-fashioned difficult in use medicine like “gorchishnik”. Also herbal pack is not as frightening as “gorchishnik” because it doesn’t provoke some very unpleasant consequences for your skin like ‘gorchishnik” does.

Such a product is wide-spread in the Europe. There are different packs for different types of diseases[1].

So the main purpose of this project is to create a marketing plan for launching Herbal Chest Pack in Russia, where it’s not presented now.

The Russia was chosen because of several reasons. Firstly Russia is very attractive because of its high potential. Huge size, cold winters, growing disposable income and trends of increasing level of lung diseases are the most interesting characteristics of the country from the point of view of pharmaceutical companies. All that factors influence the volume of consuming products in drugstores. So the evidence of great potential for the product was crucial whiles the process of choosing the Russian market.

Habits of treatment in Russia

Analyzing the specific of Russian market we could distinguish three points which should be taken into consideration.

Firstly big amount of Russians prefer traditional medicine. This point could be somehow advantage and disadvantage for herbal pack. The pack consists of the herbs so it implies that it refers to traditional medicine. But this fact could be not so evident for some people so our aim is to emphasize the nature of the product.

Secondly some people can be very suspicious, especially elderly. They usually don’t like to experiment and they buy old medicine which they call “tested”. One of the objectives here is to motivate people to try new product.

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