Marketing plan for the Herbal Chest Packs, страница 7

Finally, it is recommended to promote Herbal Chest Packs in most drugstores and hospitals, because these are the places where we can easily reach our target audience and boost sales during epidemics.

Marketing Mix


The herbal chest pack is a natural product consisting of herbs. It offers a genuine help in case of lung diseases. The package of the herbal pack should be developed considering this positioning of the medicine. Inside the box (Pic. 2) a user will find two natural packs containing of herbs that possess an aromatic smell and provide a warm treatment when heated. The herbal pack has individual covering that makes the pack itself invulnerable to the environment until unpacked (Pic. 3). The pack itself is made of cotton and has positive colors which translates a message of really friendly medicine (Pic. 4).

Pic. 2. Herbal Chest Pack Package

Pic 3. Individual covering of the pack


Pic 4. Herbal Chest Pack itself

The size of each herbal pack is approximately 130*100 mm which makes it handy to place at any part of the chest or back. There is no need to stick it to the body after it was heated in the microwave oven which makes it pleasant for the skin. Each package of the herbal packs has additional belts which help to adjust the herbal pack to the body in case of walking or working seated, when the herbal pack does not hold itself on the body.


The price for the package of two packs is 50 roubles which makes the product considerably more expensive than traditional remedies like mustard plaster. The trick here is that all of the packs can be used many times and do not need to be replaced after the first usage. Considering customer’s spending this makes the product cheaper than the traditional remedies against the lung diseases.


Herbal chest pack is the medical product that is why it should be sold in medical institutions. The most important place of sales is the drugstores where it should be promoted as the innovative lung disease treatment. Other points of sale include hospitals and clinics where it should be sold in local drugstores and offered as a part of combined treatment for those patients that are healed at those places. The clinic also is a good place for the doctors to recommend herbal chest packs instead of traditional recipes.


Promotion for the Herbal Chest Pack includes both BTL and ATL activities in order to create an integrated marketing communications effect. The following areas of IMC should be approached:

•  Point-of-sale activities in hospitals, clinics and drugstores,

•  Articles and posters in medical magazines,

•  Conduction of medical conferences,

•  Subway advertising,

•  TV commercials and product placement,

•  Banners and articles in social media in the Internet.

An important part of the BTL activities at the points of sales is free samples in the drugstores. This will induce the first usage of the product and might be the cause of the positive publicity. The first part of it is the promotional stands with free samples to try located at the drugstores and clinics. The second step is the combined sales with other traditional medicine when the customer buys something against the flu and receives the herbal pack free of charge. At the same time the flyers will be given away near the major transportation points (subways, trade centers) and drugstores in order to describe a product and receive a discount on the next purchase of herbal chest packs. Various sales promotion will be held like buy 2, get the third one free of charge.