Marketing plan for the Herbal Chest Packs, страница 9

A good plot for the product placement is the topic of the lung diseases. The doctors’ evidence will be used to communicate the audience that traditional mustard plasters are old-fashioned and sometimes even bad for the health. After the problem is stated the herbal pack will be described as the remedy which does not have the same disadvantages and therefore is the innovative and healthy way to treat cough. It is preferable that a usage of the pack is shown on the stage on one of the people from the audience in order to tell the potential consumers what the proper way to use herbal packs is.

As part of all of the activities described above the following payoffs were created in order to provide a solid image for the herbal chest packs:

•  Herbal pack, the aroma treatment!

•  Herbal pack – the non-ordinary mustard plaster!

•  Herbal pack – forget the cough!

Action plan

The marketing activities will be divided into three stages: penetration of Saint Petersburg market, penetration of millionaire cities markets, and penetration of the whole Russian market.

On the first stage the BTL and printed advertising in magazines and subway will be used on the local market. This would be the market testing activities held in Saint Petersburg as the city of European and innovative spirit. If the product turns out to be a success a second step will be to penetrate all of the millionaire cities. At this point the TV commercials and product placement will be used to create a hype around the product and make a solid grounding for the entrance of all other cities in Russia.

Entry mode

The herbal chest pack product already exists in the European market, but the market of Russia is new for it. The theoretical part of entry modes suggests the Strategic Alliance as the proper way to penetrate the market (Pic. 6).

Pic 6. Entry mode matrix and the strategy for the Herbal Chest Pack

Penetration of the Russian market is the risky investment in the foreign economical environment. The marketing activities described above imply a huge amount to be invested in order to create the categorical need and the awareness of the product itself. This also implies the high risks.

It is preferable that Herbal Chest Pack will be launched in the form of Joint Venture with the company already operating in the Russian market. It does not matter if the company is Russian or international as the desired image of the product is “new” and “natural” which has nothing to do with the country of origin of the herbs.

Strategic alliance with the company engaged in operations of the local market not only spreads the risks of the launch, but also provides an important competitive advantage. Such a company possesses an experience of doing business in Russia and has the expertise on distribution channels and marketing activities. Another important factor is the so called administrative costs which might be reduced if the local company has the influence of the authorities.


This report has described the innovative product of herbal chest pack in relation to the Russian market. Firstly, the market analysis was made and PESTEL together with the Grid analysis showed that the product has a potential in the market. Secondly the SWOT analysis related to the product and its market environment was conducted in order to describe the potential strategies that would stress the products strengths and lower the disadvantages and threats. Basing on the information derived above a marketing mix was described with the great attention to the promotional activities and its action plan. The report ends with the entry mode suggestion in order to implement the described activities.

To sum up, the report suggests the conceptual marketing plan which will make the possibility of the successful Herbal Chest Pack launch in Russia highly possible. Nevertheless, the potential risks are still quite high especially those associated to the high investments needed. That is why a strategic alliance should be formed in order to secure the position of the new product in the market and harness the expertise of the partner in order to increase the chances of the success in the Russian market.