Marketing plan for the Herbal Chest Packs, страница 6


Herbal Chest Packs will cost more than competitive products, so higher price can be considered as a weak point, because customers do no have an aptitude to pay more for the product they do not really know. Moreover, the only possible variant to use the Pack is at, you cannot put it and go out for a walk as you can do with a pepper plaster, for example. Thus, inconvenience of usage in some situations we consider as a weakness as well.


There was a big range of opportunities found out by our group, which actually supports the decision to penetrate the Russian market. One of the main opportunities – growth of popularity of natural medical products, - was already mentioned. This opportunity also correlates with the number of people who reject antibiotics and chemical medicine. Moreover, all the epidemics during the year are supposed to be really favorable for the company, because the demand for medicine immensely goes up during the epidemic period. Moreover, we have sometimes incredibly cold winters which increase the possibility that lots of people might get sick. What is more, the number of people having lung diseases goes up year after year. That is, of course, a sad point, but it might work as a prospective opportunity for us.

The attention to health seems to get higher and higher every year. This fact is proved by having lots of TV programs dedicated to health care. Besides, there exists the number of news papers and magazines which emphasize their topics on people’s health.  Of, course the growth of attention to health provides a great opportunity to promote Herbal Chest Packs.

Finally, cheap recourses are considered to be one of the opportunities for the reason that the production will not take much money? Which is very important as our product is new for the market.


There are not many threats, that the company producing Herbal chest Packs might face. One of them has natural roots – in case there is a poor harvest of herbs one year, we might come across the lack of the recourses, which will stall the production. Moreover, people’s habits to use old-fashioned medicaments might be a great obstacle, so we have to take serious marketing measures in order to overcome these barriers.

TOWS analysis. Strategies

Position the product as innovative and, thus, outperforming the rivals and substitutes. It is really essential to put an emphasis on the fact that Herbal Chest Pack is an innovative product because it will bring us very important competitive advantage over such products as mustard packs and pepper plasters. Moreover, it is important to highlight the fact that all the civilized world already uses the product and that it is necessary to switch to the more progressive ways of treatment.

It is important to have intensive seasonal promotion, and, thus, to catch several opportunities (connected with Russian weather and epidemics) highlighting our strengths.

As the attention to health care of media grows, the product will be promoted via TV programs, such as, for example, “Zdorovie” or “Malakhov+”. This will attract a great number of customer and create awareness, that is very important for every company entering the new market. What is more, it is important to put an emphasis on naturalness of the product in all kinds of promotion activities supporting the latest market and social trends.

As there exist competitive product we have to work on the bright advantages of Herbal Chest Packs and, thus, to smooth the weak points. It is possible to make a product which provides good sleep, this actually creates an added value for Herbal Chest Packs. Moreover, there can exist a product line, containing different herbs with different additional effect. This will make the product truly unique and provide customers with choice.