Pattern for a dynamic swot-analysis

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PATTERN for a dynamic swot-analysis

stage one

Using “PRODUCT-MARKET” analysis create the static SWOT-matrix SHOULD BE DONE

you need to reproduce (frame-by-frame) the static SWOT-matrix in.ppt format with amendments (if any) made as a result of the previous presentation and discussion

All swot-statements are to be marked using a unique letter-code for the purpose of referencing (see table supplement № 7а below)

EXH 12

supplement № 7а

starting data of SWOT-analysis for “pulse systems” (ps) ltd entering the usa market with the use of international cent-act of agency in 1998

Strong points – {Si}

Chances – {Oi}

A.  Presence/creation of unique PS high technologies

B.  Ability of PS to adapt technologies to clients’ requirements

C.  A perfect wedding of people of fundamental and applied science knowledge

D.  Presence of scientists known in the USA in PS staff

E.  PS involvement in the “pulse community” of the USA

F.  Virtual using FTI (physics technical institute) name as a brand

G.  Corporative climate of PS as a united company

H.  Low level of costs of production factors range

I.  Presence of active noomanager in PS company

J.  Introducing programs of mass production of final widgets/systems requiring complementary products exported by PS

K.  Development of small Russian hi-tech business state support

L.  Entering the international strategic alliance

M. Development of new alternative markets

N.  Introducing the UN program of mass working out of electronic widgets on PS semiconductor devices for environmental protection

Weak points – {Wi}

Threats {Ti}

O.  Lack of specialized manufacturing capacities

P.  Lack of resources to invest business expansion

Q.  Lack of high technologies marketing experience

R.  Lack of RAD-management experience

S.   Lack of own local brand

T.  Poor knowledge of the USA hi-tech market

U.   Complementary nature of product

V.   Latent double purpose of product

W.  The question of used technologies property unsolved with FTI

X.  Lack of personal protection contained in intellectual property products

Y.  Lack of PS positive image in the USA

Z.  Decline of economical and criminal situation in Russia

AA. Working out of more advanced analogue products

BB.  Competition of local and imported  to the USA analogue products

CC. Tightening of state policy to the international exchange of technologies

DD. Key figures leave of PS business

EE.  Claims of FTI concerning intellectual property

FF.  Considerable income increasing of FTI staff

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