Construction of 220 kV Lafarge substation. Book 1 “Electrical solutions”, страница 9

  Object security systems  provide control of a condition and gathering of the information from system devices, indication of alarms, control  of statement on protection, protection removal

  The security alarm system provides:

- control of opening doors and windows of the premises by installing a magnetic contact detectors;                                                                                    

         - delivery of disturbing notices, in cases of mechanical glasses destruction

- cabinets lock with optico-electronic detectors material goods

  The monitoring system and control of the fire alarm system provides:

- fire detection in protected premises

- signals delivery to turn off ventilation

-monitoring the integrity of fire alarm cables.

  television system is designed for 24 hours monitoring stations along the fence area on the inner side of the object and record the video archive to prevent unauthorized entry to the territory of the facility by unauthorized persons.                                                                          

     5.9.2.  System description          

                                    Security alarm system

  System includes:

- control panels and control of security and fire alarm systems

- receiving-control security-fire device for control of loops of security signalling

  All entering system devices are included in the common information - controlling network by the КВПЭф 1х2х0,5 cable(interface RS-485). Information from all devices of the system is transmitted to protection board.

  The lining of alarm system loops are performed  by cable КСПВ 2х2х0,5 from gages of the security alarm system to a monitor loops.

  Installation of fire alarm in the degree of reliability of power supply for power consumers belong to 1-st category.

  Supply of technical equipment used at the facility is implemented from the uninterruptible power supply with built-in rechargeable batteries. In the case of power 220V switch-off, uninterruptible power supply are implemented automatic switching of a network of power supplies for work from the built in storage batteries. Feed lines are performed by the wire SHVVP 2x0, 75.

All metal parts of the alarm system must be connected to the common earthing

  Installation of cable line must be performed:

- on the walls at a height not less than 2.5 m in minichannel 15x17

- in the construction of the raised floor in the corrugated pipe with broaching  d = 25mm

  Installation of cabels through the wall must be done in       PVC pipes d-16 mm                                                                    

                                         Fire alarm system

       For fire alarm system is planned to install

- smoke detector

- hand-held detector

- single control module

Detectors and modules  are grouped into rings, which are connected via a module addressable cables to the system unit. Maximum number of detectors in the loop is 99  and addressable devices is also  99

  For protection from short circuit in ring loop are devices built-in modules and bases under annunciators with isolators used.

  Control mode is used for the connection of sirens dynamic sound alerting the fire

  Fire alarm  networks are performed by the  cable type KPSVEVng-LS. Wiring fire alarm lines are performed

- On the walls, ceilings in  minichannel TMS 25x17

- in the construction of the raised floor in the corrugated pipe with broaching  d = 25mm

  Installation of cabels through the wall must be done in       PVC pipes d-16 mm                                 Electroreceivers of installations of the fire alarm system belong to 1-st category.

  Storage batteries which ensure functioning of the equipment within not less than 24 hours per a mode on duty and within not less than 3 hours per a fire mode are used.

  All metal parts of the fire alarm system must be connected to common earthing