Construction of 220 kV Lafarge substation. Book 1 “Electrical solutions”, страница 8

Feeding group power networks in premises is performed by power shields - DQ, switchboards installed in the premises and the control cabinet - NX. Starting equipment, brand, quantity, and cable cross-sections are calculated in the schemes of the power network. The project provides automatic shutdown systems, ventilation and air conditioning-modulation in case of a fire.

Power equipment network is performed by VVG-LS cable  - hidden behind false ceilings of noncombustible materials, metal trays, in minichannels and openly on the walls and ceiling

After gasket of cables hermetic sealing of all openings is performed according to work documentation 34.03.301-95 and 34.03.304-87


Functional group title

ВВГнг-LS -0,66







Distribution network,m







5.8.5.  Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting of the main distribution plant substation building for cement production capacity of 5,000 tons of clinker per day, Ferzikovskogo district, Kaluga region, performed according to the requirements PUE, PD 34.20.185-94 "The design code of urban power networks"

Type Codes are accepted according to GOST 21.614-88, GOST 21.608-84

Outdoor lighting circuit voltage -220V, (working conditions)

Total power consumption is 4,5 kVt

By the project the installation of fixtures mark ЖКУ15-250 -101 is provided

Outdoor lighting fixtures are installed on metal buttered legs with cable enter. Feeding of outdoor electric lighting is executed by the cable mark ВВГнг-LS-3х10 from lighting panel DS2, installed in the panels premise. The cable is laid:

 - hidden on walls and ceiling,

- in Earth.

Feeding of the control cabinet  of outside lighting  NХн.о. is performed from lighting panel DS2

For the safety, in the case of isolation damage, fixtures must be attached to zero protective РЕ

Outdoor lighting control  is performed in independent regime with the aid of program timer with correction of hours, in hand-operated mode - with the aid of buttons, installed in the control cabinet of outdoor lighting NХн.о. in the panels premise


Functional group title

ВВГнг-LS -0,66




Distribution network,m




5.9.1.   The fire-security alarm system and security video observation

The given subsection is performed according to:

 - customer task and materials.      

 - operating specifications and standards:

   1) СП 3.13130.2009 “Systems of fire-prevention protection. System of the notification and people evacuation during a fire. Requirements of fire safety”;

            2) СП 5.13130.2009 "Systems of fire-prevention protection. Installations of the fire alarm system. Norms and designing rules.";

   3) СП 6.13130.2009 "Systems of fire-prevention protection. Уlectric equipment. Requirements of the fire alarm system.";

   4) СП 7.13130.2009 "Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Fire-prevention requirements.";

   6) № 123-FZ "Technical regulations about requirements of fire safety.";

   7) РД 78.145-93"Systems and complexes of the security, fire and security-fire alarm system. Regulation of production and acceptance of work.";

   8) Order of OAO "UES FGC" and OAO "UES TSIUS» № 788/154 from 12.10.2010 "Typical technical solutions to equip the facilities of OAO" UES FGC "engineering and technical means of protection."                                                                                                                                                                                    

                Сharacteristic and substantiation of the accepted technical decisions               

  The project provides system of the security alarm system, the fire alarm system, the notification about a fire and video observation system