Construction of 220 kV Lafarge substation. Book 1 “Electrical solutions”, страница 4

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Main electric circuit 220/35/6,6kV substation

                    5.2.1. Existing situation

   For power consumers of cement plant "dry method"  JSC "Lafarge Cement", the device provides a major step down transformer substation with classes 220/35/6 kV voltage  with three-phase two-winding transformer capacity of 63MVA each, the company BEST Transformers (Turkey) YTR 78000/252K. Lafarge 220 kV substation  is located in Section Lafarge Ferzikovo Kaluga region and is a dead end (block).

                      5.2.1. Connection Lafarge 220kV substation to electrical network

  Installed transformer capacity at Lafage 220kV substation is 126 MVA . Project provides in-feeding Lafarge 220 kV substation by two 220 kV aerial lines - "Stany- Lafarge1" and "Stany- Lafarge2." At voltage 35 kV substation connection is implemented on 1 CL-35 kV. At voltage 6,6 kV substation  connection is implemented on 12 CL-6,6 kV and connection two auxiliary transformers  630/6,6/0,4.

5.2.3. Principle electric diagram

On the side of 220 kV, according to the agreed design assignment with the  branch of "FGC UES" - IEN Centre: "Construction of transmission line 220 ​​V Stany-Lafarge  with 1.2-Lafarge 220kV substation" - the main scheme is adopted standard "Two blocks from the non-automatic switches and jumper from the line "- the number of circuit-4H - SOT56947007-29 240,30,010. Scheme with repair (non-automatic) disconnector provides a bridge from the possibility of joining the two transformers on the same line in the repair of the second line.

 Voltage 35 кВ are provided switchgear of the type F400 ft. Schneider, with a gas-insulated circuit breakers factory-built, installed in boards room in a separate building within the substation. For switchgear 35 kV "A working buses system is partitioned by the circuit brakers " is accepted. All consumers of 35 kV attached to the buses through the switches.

CRU-6, 6kV - developing a separate project and not included in this set of design documents.

 Amount of connected lines and reserved cubicles:

to switchgear and control gear-35kV - one cable line, 35 Quarry has two reserve cubicles;

According to the calculations of three-phase short-circuit-breakers for a voltage of 220 kV are accepted with the  breaking  current 50 kA, at a voltage of 35 kV - 31.5 kA

   At the first stage, main electrical connections scheme is agreed in RDM Center and KaLuga  RDO, and is shown in drawing 67177-821-IOS1.1_page 1.

For the feeding of I category consumers provides the diesel generator installation rated at 1600 kVA in single displacement. The work of the diesel generator provides 6.6 kV bus at the main distribution substation via transformer. To do this in a separate room set-up transformer 0.4 / 6.6 kV rated at 1600 kVA. /

     5.2.4. Substation layout and structural part

   Busbar, opting jumpers on 220 kV outdoor switchgear is made of aluminum alloy pipes 1915OST1-2-70. For vibration elimination of tought buses, arising from wind impact, apply special vibration damping device mounted to tubular buses.

Flexible busbar located in two levels, setting altitude from foundation to axis bottom level  is 6000 mm, height to the top level is 9400 mm. Flexible busbar is performed by steel-aluminum wire AS240/32, hills to equipment with tough bus-bars due to the design compactable contact terminals for tough bus-bars are fulfilled AS400/54. Reinforced attachment points of hard buses provide compensation for temperature changes in the length of buses, possible inaccuracies in the set of blocks and blocks of displacement arising from deformation of the ground during operation. Flexible busbar is used for short jumpers and taps, transformers input connection.

 In the project delivered with hardware fixtures produced on ТУ34.13.11438-89, ТУ34.13.11404-90 is accepted flexible basbur.

  Considering low bearing ability of disconnector columns 220kV, outdoor switchgear flexible buses 220 kV are performed in the length not exceeding three meters.

The design of foundations for 220kV transformers is accepted according to project 3.407-116 (look at page 74)

Differences from standard project consist in sizes of the oil-receiver and the designs of fencing.

For reduction of the area of discharge Earth, to Lafarge 220kV substation is provided unilateral entrance and along  passage through power transformers. It is also provided possibility for entrance to all switches, disconnectors, current transformers and outdoor switchgear voltage transformers 220kV, as well as to modular bridge buses.  

Protection against direct lightning strikes is provided by rod lightning protectors installed on the dead-end support 220kV and on portals from outside of outdoor switchgear 220 ​​kV.