Construction of 220 kV Lafarge substation. Book 1 “Electrical solutions”, страница 6

In the case of problem or scheduled repair of one auxiliary transformers electrical power supply is implemented from reserve.

In the case of voltage loss or a complete lack of voltage from auxiliary transformers, substations are fed from the battery.

Capacity of the storage battery has enough for independent work of substation for the period of realization of operative switchings by the personnel or transfer power from the 6.6 kV switchgear diesel installation.

5.5.2. Selection of auxiliaries

Short circuit current 6,6 kV calculation

Selection of auxiliaries 6,6 kV  was produced by the condition of thermal and dynamic resistance to short-circuit currents.

Short-circuit current calculation on the buses 6.6 kV are shown in table № 1

                                                                                                     Table №1

Short circuit in the point

I кз (3), кА

iуд, кА

Buses 6,6 kV



Selection of equipment 0,4, 0,23, 0,11 and 0,024 kV

Equipment selection is made by the rated voltage, load current and verification of resistance to short-circuit currents. For the auxiliaries board acquisition are used equipment according to design brief. (supplied by customer).

Circuit breakers selection, installed on auxiliary boards is determined by the stability of the short-circuit breaking capacity , the dynamic and thermal stability, the maximum operating current, the motor starting current, sensitive to short circuit current at the end of the protected line.

Automatic switches of auxiliary board and power assemblies provide selective tripping of short circuit on the protected area.

Selection of auxiliaries transformer

Auxilary scheme with implicit reservation and with two auxiliaries transformers is accepted on substation.

Auxiliaries transformers capacity is selected according to the load, consider the demand factor. Demand factor is consider to usage of installed power and the simultaneity of load work.

At the selection of power auxiliaries transformers have been taken demand factors shown in the table № 2

                                                                                                             Table №2

Receiver type

demand factor

room lighting

transformer cooling

electric heating






According to the load chart for the selection of auxiliaries transformers capacity (the drawing № 67177-811/821-ИОС1.1_page.4) ,two working auxiliaries  transformers 6,6/0,4 kV with the capacity 630 кВА each are installed.

5.8. Electric lighting. Power electrical equipment. Outdoor lighting

                                      5.8.1.  Electric  lighting

Electric lighting of the building on the main distribution substation that produce cement 5,000 tons of clinker per day, Ferzikovskskii district, KaLuga area is performed according to the “electrical installation code” requirements, Construction Standards and Regulations 3.05.06-85 "Electric devices" SP 52.13330.2011 "Natural and artificial lighting, "and on the basis of architecture and construction, sanitary, and heat engineering parts of the project.

Power supplies of projected lighting boards are performed from different sections of auxiliary board of the main distribution substation.

Rooms illumination of the building main distribution substation is performed based on SP 52.13330-2011 "Natural and artificial lighting." Types of lamps are made according to the premises appointment and environmental conditions. The drawings indicate standards according to the SP 52.13330-2011.

  The project provides working, reserve and evacuation lightning.