Перечень вопросов к зачёту по дисциплине «Деловой иностранный язык» (английский) (Business Etiquette. Phone Conversation. Scientific Conference: Public Presentation of a Paper)

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Перечень вопросов к зачёту по дисциплине «Деловой иностранный язык» (английский)

2012- 2013 учебный год

Устное собеседование по пройденным темам:

Сообщение по теме «Travelling», «Customs», «Air Travel», «Business Meetings»:

1. What may happen if a traveller fails to go through the customs properly?

2. What's the next stage of going through the customs after passport control?

3. What articles are to be declared?

4. What is duty-free?

5. What do you do if you have nothing to declare?

6. When is one through with the customs formalities?

7. Is the passenger's vaccination certificate always checked? Why?

8. Some passengers' luggage may be gone through carefully. Is it a regular occurrence? Why is it done?

Сообщение по теме «Business Trip», «Hotel»:

1. What are the cheapest rooms in hotels?

2. When are the hotels at seaside resorts usually full?

3. What must you do when you leave the hotel?

4. What is the main duty of the hotel porter?

5.  Can hotel guests receive letters or post-cards?

6. What should you do arriving at the hotel?

7. What questions must the guest must answer when he/she fills the arrival form?

Сообщение по теме «Business Etiquette», «Phone Conversation»:

1. What are the main tips for the telephone etiquette?

2. What do you say if you can’t hear well?

3. What do you say if you want your conversation partner to speak louder?

4. What do you say if you want the person you are talking to repeat his/ her name?

5. What do you say if you didn’t understand what was said?

6. What do you say if you want to ask your conversation partner to wait?

7. What mistakes do people make while booking hotels? - taking messages on the telephone?  - ordering by telephone?

Сообщение по теме «Business Meeting: Setting, Cancellation»:

1.      What is necessary to say when setting a meeting?

2.      Is it necessary to make a reservation in a restaurant in advance?

3.      When cancelling an appointment, what should you say?

4.      Is it possible to cancel an appointment in a written form?

5.      Make a list of expressions which can be helpful to rearrange your appointment.

Сообщение по теме «Nonverbal Business English: Cultural Differences»

1.      What is meant under “nonverbal communication”?

2.      What are the three main elements of non-verbal communication?

3.      Is it important to understand nonverbal messages? Is it helpful for business?

4.      How can we see hidden emotions of a person? Can they contradict verbal statements?

5.      What are the other forms of body language (apart from facial expressions)?

6.      Are the sounds important during business communication?

Сообщение по теме «Meeting Foreign Guests: Cultural Programme»:

1. What cities are the biggest in Siberia?

2. What lions can show in your town?

3. Are there any interesting places in your own city? Describe them.

4. What famous persons do you know from your town?

5. Is there a Medical University in your town? Do you know its history?

6. What would you show to a foreign guest in our town?

Сообщение по теме «Meeting Foreign Guests: Business Lunch»:

1.      Is it necessary to book a table in advance?

2.      What are usual Russian dishes?

3.      What are international dishes?

4.      Make a list of phrases which can help you to make an order.

5.      What is the first (traditional) dish in Russia?

6.      Is it necessary to tip the waiter?

7.      What is your favourite place in Krasnoyarsk?

Сообщение по теме «Negotiating», «Concluding a Treaty»:

1.      What is the primary approach to negotiating in Russia?

2.      How do most Russians view negotiating?

3.      Why is information rarely shared freely in Russia?

4.      What style do Russians employ when negotiating?

5.      What should you do if your counterparts appear to be stalling the negotiation?

6.      Should you invite your counterparts to a lunch or dinner after signing the contract?

7.      May you change any part of an agreement significantly before both parties sign the final contract?

Сообщение по теме «Structure of Business Correspondence: Arrangement, Parts»:

1. Why are the layout and presentation of your letter important?

2. How many styles of letter are there?

3. What is the order of writing addresses?

4. Is it necessary to make sure you use the recipient’s name correctly?

5. What is the structure of the ordinary business letter?

6. Where should you place your signature?

7.  How long should your letter be?

Сообщение по теме «Business Correspondence in English: Apologizing, Congratulations,  Orders», «E-mail»:     

1. Why is letter writing an essential part of business communication?

2. Why are nowadays more and more agreements made in English?

3. What are three stages of transaction?

4. How may business letters be divided?

5. What people are official letters characteristic of?

6. Should orders be acknowledged as soon as received?

7. Who and where writes memos?

8. What are the rules of memo-writing?

Сообщение по теме «Business Correspondence: Applying for a Job (Questionnaire, Cover

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