What is Mathematics? Things to remember about the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Computer and Information Science

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Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Computer and

Information Science

Introduction in Speciality

What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is a living subject that is constantly changing and evolving. This evolution is driven by our need to solve a new problem, or the development of some abstract line of logical thought. The power of mathematics is such that the solution to a new problem often lies in Mathematics conceived using abstract thought many years, sometimes centuries, ago.

Why study Mathematics and Computer Science? The huge increase in the availability and power of computers has led to them  being  a necessary part of any modern direction.   Often, the problems that arise, say, in the business world must be first formulated using Mathmatics before the computer can be of use. For instance, the aerodynamic design of cars and aeroplanes is carried out using computers. However, the computer -and the engineer- need to know the mathematical equations that govern the airflow around the car. The  Mathematics and Computer science will give you a blend of skills required to tackle these types of problems in the business environment, (business — 1. Бизнес, дело. 2. Экономическая деятельность, деловая жизнь. 3. Компания, производственное предприятие).

Information Systems and Information Technologies. The first are: the knowledge and skilles necessary to design and develop software systems that allow a wide range of users to easily interrogate large sources   of information.   An   information   systems   professional   will combine soft systems development knowledge, strong inrterface design skills, a sound understanding of a system's business context, and an ability to communicate and empathise (придавать особое значение) with potential users of a system. The second  are: the Information technologies such as: Visual-basic, Microsoft Access and Excel, Internet Development Tools, PC-based    Networking, Numerical Methods, IT Tools, Introduction to Programming, Database Management Systems, Modern Aspects of Data Processing etc.

What are Mathematics and Statistics?

Cosider the following facts:

-   the display you see on your mobile phone was developed using Mathematics

-    The Software and Hard Ware on your computer were desined using Mathematics

-    Mathematics and Statistics lie behind the weather prediction on TV

-    Mathematics is used to make data transfer on the Internet secure

-    The banking, investment and financial operations of large companies and the stockmarket rely on sophisticated Mathematics and Statistics

-    Forensic procedure (судебный) use Probability and Statistics to assess the value of evidence when presenting it to a court

-    Medicines are licensed for use only after the most rigorous testing in statistically-designed and controlled experiments

-    Marine scientists use Statistics in their analysis of catch and survey data to estimate the size of fish population and inform political decisions about how to halt the dwindling fish stocks etc.

Mathematical and Statistical Techniques are being used to study:

-    Electric and Mechanical activity in the heart to help diagnose and prevent coronary disease

-    Growth of cancer cells in the body so that possible drug therapies can undergo trials before being given to patients

-    Spread of HIV to inform us of its future impact on society

-    Gene mapping of the human body to help uncover the complex interplay between genes.

Why study Mathematics, Statistics & Business?

There is a strong emphasis on statistical techniques in data analysis and on use of mathematical models.

What are Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence? Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence are at the forefront of development of technological tools to improve the quality of life. Computer-based interactive systems are used in all kinds of areas: administrative and management jobs, education, and research in other disciplines.

In computer science it is programming, technical communication and human-computer interaction.

In Artificial Intelligence, the automation of all aspects of human cognition from its foundation to approaches to symbolic and non-symbolic Al, natural languagies processing, computer vision, evolutionary and adaptive systems.

Things to remember about the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Computer and Information Science

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