Задания № 1-9 на контрольную работу по дисциплине "Английский язык". Вариант 4 (Finish each phrase about careers with the best from the right-hand column. Complete the questions from a job interview)

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2-nd studying-year

Test-paper in English

Variant 4

1. Finish each phrase about careers with the best from the right-hand column.

1. make a career                                       application

2. reach your long-term                              bonus

3. prefer money rather than job                      choice

4. learn new                                         experience

5. gain                                               goal

6. get a performance-related                            placement

7. send off a job                                      satisfaction

8. apply for a gap-year                                  skills

2. Fill in the missing letters in these words which all have a meaning similar to goal.

1. clear/ annual / production / sales t_ _ _ _ _          s

2. limited / clear / specific / business о_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _s

3. the overall / main / sole / underlying  _ _m

3. Match  each word in the box to its definition below, the words into your language.

aptitude     know-how     background      experience      knowledge    skill

1. Knowledge  that you need to be able to do something:______________________________________________________

2. Information that someone knows:__________________________________

3. An ability to do something well, especially because you have practised


4. Knowledge  or skill you get from being in different situations:_____________________________________________________

5. The type of education, experience and family that you


6. A natural ability to do something well or to learn it


4. The expressions in the box refer to losing your job.

be dismissed     be fired    be laid off     be made redundant      be sacked

1. Which three suggest it was your fault?

______________________ , _______________________ , ____________

2. Which  of these three is more formal?_________________________

3. Which two expressions suggest it was not your fault?

___________________ , ________________________

4. Which of these two is British English?_________________________________

5. Fill in the missing letters in these words about careers.

1. be sh_ _ _-li_ _ _d  for a second interview

2. re_ _ _n from a job because you have a better offer in another company

3. a_ _ _ _d  an interview on Friday morning

4. be  app_ _ _ _ _d  to a more senior position after some time in the company

5. be  h__ed  by a company after a successful interview

6. a_ _ _y for a job in a company

6. Put each verb into the correct form: present simple (do I does), present continuous (am I are I is doing), present perfect (have I has done) or past simple (did). Each form is used twice.

'I'm really busy this morning –I (1)______________________(interview) three

candidates for that sales job – the second one is outside now. Yesterday was even

worse. I (2)_____________________(interview) five candidates in two hours, and

none of them were any good. Let me see, over the last ten days I think  I

(3)_____________         (interview) sixteen candidates. Just imagine! And every time I

(4)_____________         (interview) someone there's a CV to read, questions to prepare,

records to keep. It just never ends. Right now, I (5)______________(need) a break.

(6)__________________         (anyone / see) that travel brochure about  holidays in the

Seychelles? I know I (7)________________          (put) it  somewhere. Wait a minute.

There's no-one here. I (8)_______________(talk) to myself.'

7.  Put each verb into the correct form: present perfect (have / has done) or present perfect continuous (have / has been doing).

1.       I______________________________         (write) my CV all morning, and

finally I_____________________________(finish) it.

2.       I_________________________         (write) four job applications this week. One

day I must get lucky – I______________________         (try) to find a job for ages.

8.  Make nouns from the adjectives and verbs below.

strong (adj): ________________________________

weak (adj):_________________________________      

responsible (adj):____________________________      

perform (v):________________________________

commit (v):________________________________

achieve (v):________________________________

9.  Use each noun from the previous exercise to complete these questions from a job interview. Some have a plural form.

1. What are your main functions and duties in your present job? What are

your__________________________________________________________          ?

2. How does the company know you are doing a good job? How do they measure

your__________________________________________________________          ?

3. What are the positive things you can bring to the team? What are

your__________________________________________________________          ?

4. And what would you say are your________________________________          ?

Come on, be honest now.

5. What is the one thing you are most proud of in your present job? What is your

greatest_______________________________________________________          ?

6. If we offer you this job, what kind of______________________________          will

you have to the company? Will you be looking for another job after a year or two?

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