Задания № 1-6 на контрольную работу по дисциплине "Английский язык". Вариант 6 (Read the examples of corporate social responsibility then answer the questions. Which two words / phrases from 5 would you use?)

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2-nd studying-year

Test-paper in English

Variant 6

1. Read the examples of corporate social responsibility then answer the questions below.

The company should ...

·  enhance shareholder value.

·  employees' merit.

·  give fair and adequate compensation.

·  provide clean and safe working conditions.

·  provide new equipment and new facilities.

·  carry on research and develop innovation.

·  encourage civic improvements.

·  support good works and charities.

·  protect the environment and natural resources.

·  avoid exploiting developing countries.

·  build a sustainable business.

And employees need to ...

·  have a sense of security in their job.

·  have equal opportunity for jobs and development.

·  feel free to make suggestions and complaints.

·  feel they can align themselves with the company's goals.

Find a word above that means:

1. the profit that a company makes for its investors (two

words):___________________________  ____________________________   

2. money paid because someone is injured or has lost their


3. rooms and equipment that are provided for a particular


4. organizations that give help to people who need


5. the land, water and air that people live


6. treating someone unfairly in order to get a benefit for


7. capable of continuing for a long


8. a situation in which people have the same chances as everyone else (two


9. things you say or write when you are not


10. agree with and support publicly (________________________________

yourself with):__________________________________________________

2. Complete the sentences about ethical behaviour using a phrase from each column.

The company should …

1. acknowledge any problem                             common decency.

2. act with integrity                                      any problem.

3. compensate victims                                   that exists.

4. limit the impact of                                    which satisfy everyone.

5. negotiate settlements                                  for any damage caused.

6. obey the law or                                        staff perform well.

7. recognize merit when                                  towards employees.

8. uphold standards of                                    face a lawsuit or fine.

3.  Complete the remarks of a chairperson at various stages of a meeting. Use the words and phrases in the box.

any other business                           apology for absence

approving the minutes                       break for coffee

close the meeting                            come back to this

getting side-tracked                          have any views

introduce the first item                       see your point

stick to the agenda                           take a vote

unanimous decision                          wouldn’t you agree


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Is everyone here? I have received just one

(1)_______________________         from Celia. OK, I think we can begin. Let's start by

(2)_______________________         of the last meeting. Any comments? They're quite

straightforward, I think. Good. Now, there is a lot to discuss today, so let's try to

(3)_____________________. OK, who is going to (4)__________________          ?


That's interesting, but I think we're (5)____________________. Could we

(6)_______________________         later? OK. Now, Antonio, we haven't heard

from you. Do you (7)__________________________on this issue? ... Thank you,

Antonio. I (8)________________________, but you have to consider the impact

on our budget. (9)____________________that there will be substantial costs if we

do as you suggest? ... OK, there seems to be a consensus, so we don't need to

(10)______________________         . This would be a good time to

(11)______________________         .


Good, I think we've reached a (12)______________________on this. Before we

finish we need to deal with (13)________________________. Does anyone have

any other issue that we haven't discussed? OK, I think we can

(14)______________________         .

4. Put each verb in brackets into the correct form, active or passive. The first two are present simple and the last four are past simple.

'The company (1)____________________(try) to limit its impact on the

environment as much as possible. However, sometimes mistakes

(2)__________________         (make). It is true that some radioactive waste

(3)__________________         (lose) in transit last week, somewhere on the

Swiss-German border. But I am pleased to report that we

(4)_______________(take) action immediately. The driver of the

truck (5)______________________(find), and we (6)______________(dismiss)

him after completing our enquiries. Press reports that he had been drinking heavily

and thought he was in Austria are completely exaggerated.'

5. Find pairs of linking words / phrases with the same meaning.

as a rule                                                   consequently   

finally                                                     in particular

in conclusion                                              moreover

on the whole                                               therefore

clearly                                                     especially

in addition                                                 in brief

in other words                                             obviously

that is to say                                               to sum up

6. Which two words / phrases from 5 would you use to:

1. add a second point to support your argument?

2. highlight one fact or point?

3. make a generalization?

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