Задания № 1-7 на контрольную работу по дисциплине "Английский язык". Вариант 7 (Match each word or phrase about finance in the box to its definition. Complete the presentation extract using the words and phrases in the box)

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2-nd studying-year

Test-paper in English

Variant 7

1. Match each word or phrase about finance in the box to its definition below.

acquisition      assets     economies of scale        liquidity            merger

due diligence        fixed costs       liabilities      turnover     variable costs

1. full investigation of a company's activities and finances

2. the amount of money that a company owes

3. the process of combining two companies to form a bigger one

4. something that someone buys (especially a company that has been bought by

another company)

5. costs that alter directly when the business  alters its level of output (e.g. raw

materials, components, labour costs for factory workers)

6. costs that do not alter when the business alters its level of output (e.g. rent,

marketing, management salaries)

7. things such as money, buildings or equipment that a person or company owns

8. measure of a company's ability to quickly convert assets into cash

9. reductions in the cost of producing a unit of a product that occur as the output


10.  total amount of money coming into a company from sales (usually given as an

annual figure)

2.  Find words or phrases from the box in 1 that have the same or similar meanings to the following.

1. cost of sales / direct costs:_______________________________________         

2. overheads / indirect costs:_______________________________________         

3. cash-flow:___________________________________________________         

4. debts:__________________________________________________________         

5. revenue / income:_________________________________________________

3. Match the words in the box to their definitions (and extra information) below.

climb             dip           deteriorate        jump       peak         rise                 slide         soar              stabilize                fluctuate      

1. become higher (literally: to move up using your hands and feet)

2. become less (literally: to put something into a liquid and quickly lift it out again)

3. change frequently, especially from a high level to a low one and back again

4. stop changing and become steady

5. get worse (opposite: improve)

6. get worse gradually (literally: to move smoothly and quickly across a surface)

7. increase (opposite: fall)

8. increase quickly to a high level (literally: to fly high in the sky)

9. increase suddenly and by a large amount (literally: push your body off the ground using your legs)

10. reach the highest point before becoming lower (the noun means 'the top of a mountain')

4. Read this sentence:

There was a _________________increase in sales.

Make adjectives that can go in the empty space using the letters and meanings given.

(Clue: the letter in bold is always the first letter.)

1. __________________          abcdeeilnors (large)

2.___________________         aacdimrt (sudden and surprising)

3.___________________         adeemort (neither big nor small)

4.___________________ahprs (sudden)

5.___________________         acfgiiinnst (large or noticeable)

6.___________________         ghilst (small in size)

7.___________________         ddensu (quick and unexpected)

5.  Look at one way to show 'cause → effect':

The new technology we bought last year resulted in a significant increase in productivity.

Now show 'effect→ cause' using these words to complete the gaps: a, as, because, due, of, of, result, thanks, to, to.

The increase in productivity last year was______________   _______________/_____________________ _________________________/____________________  _________________/ ___________________  ________________________  __________________  __________the new technology we bought.

6.  Complete the sentences using the most appropriate form: will, be going to or the present continuous. Use contractions (I'll, I'm) where possible.

1. (describing your plans) Next year___________________(we / enter) the

Croatian market by buying a small local firm.

2. (making a promise) Don't worry,____________________(you / have) the goods

by the end of the week.

3. (giving details of a fixed arrangement)__________________          (I / meet)

Barbara from 9:00 to 10:00 at her office, and I should back around 10:30.

4. (making an instant decision) Is that my mobile phone ringing? I'm

sorry,_________________(I / turn) it off.

7.  Complete this presentation extract using the words and phrases in the box.

resulted in    as a result of     seem to suggest       whereas    however        let's move on               next slide shows       notice from the chart


My (2)_____________________________our administration costs one year after

the merger. You will (3)________________________________that the figures

(4)_____________________________no noticeable impact on costs

(5)_________________________the merger.

But this hides the real situation. Initially, the merger (6)___________________

many large compensation payments for managerial staff  who lost their jobs, and

this increased costs. (7)___________________________________   

over the longer term salary costs are coming down as a result of the cuts. Next year

we expect administration costs  to be 2.3M, (8)__________________          this year

they will be about 2,9M.

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