Задания № 1-9 на контрольную работу по дисциплине "Английский язык". Вариант 2 (Make adjectives from the nouns.The extracts come from an email between colleagues at a customer contact centre. Use one word to fill each gap)

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2-nd studying-year

Test-paper in English

Variant 2

1. In each set of four below, match an adjective on the left with a noun on the right to make collocations about working conditions.

1. clean                     customer

2. satisfied                  environment

3. high                      meals

4. subsidized                staff turnover

5. heavy                     rate

6. hourly                    staff

7. competent                job

8. dead –end                workload

2. Make adjectives from these nouns.

1. annoyance___________

2. competence__________

3. frustration____________

4. gratitude_____________

5. help_________________

6. knowledge_________________

7. persuasion___________________

8. reassurance__________________________

9. satisfaction__________________________

10. rudeness___________________________

3. The collocations below are useful in customer support. Cross out the one verb in each group (in bold) that does not collocate with the noun.

1. Deal with / look into / push in / sort out a problem.

2. Describe / identify / replace / treat the symptoms.

3. Diagnose / locate / offer / repair the fault.

4. Escalate / exchange / launch /replace the product.

5. Ask for / call / give / offer  a full refund.

6. Escalate / fax / refer / replace the problem to a supervisor.

4. In this customer support dialogue the verbs in bold are all in the wrong places. Put them in the correct places.

Helpline operator:                 Before I can locate the problem,

I first need to escalate exactly where the fault is.

Customer:                       OK, no problem, we can do that.        

But if it's still  not working properly,

can you sort out the product, or at least

replace  me a refund?

Helpline operator:                Yes, that's possible, but I'm not

authorized to do it. I would first have

to give the  problem to my supervisor.

5. Complete this useful phrase for after sales service using the letters in brackets.

‘I’ll_ _ _ _ into it, _ _ _ _ it out, and _ _ _ back to you tomorrow.’ (gklrstteooo)

6. Complete the sentences typical of customer support telephone calls 1 – 10 using the prepositions in the box.

down      down     in     into    on   on    up   through    through    up

1. We tried to contact you, but we couldn’t get______________________.

2. The machine broke______________________after only a few days.

3. Replace and screw_________________the side panel.

4. When I switch it___________________, nothing happens.

5. I’m going to put you________________________to my supervisor.

6. I’ll just take______________________your details.

7. Push the new module_____________________the slot.

8. Please hold________________a moment while I find your records on our database.

9. The line is bad. Please hang______________and  I’ll call you back.

10. The line is bad. Could you speak ___________________, please?

7.  Read the definitions and complete the words by filling in the missing letters.

1. Computer screen: m_ _ _ _ _r

2. A row of icons on a computer screen: too_ _ _r

3. Something you hope your computer doesn't do: с_ _ _h

4. Make a computer more powerful: u_ _ _ _          de

5. Something that goes in a printer: ca_ _ _ _          dge

6. Connect to the electricity supply: p_ _g  in

7. Send a document with an email: a_ _ _ch

8. Someone who a business sells to: с_ _ _ _ _ _r

9. Someone who a business buys from: s_ _ _ _ _ _         r

10. A written promise that a company will repair something you buy from them: g_ _ _ _ _ _ _e

8. Complete the email using the words in the box.

appreciate     attached       could        further     get back to     grateful  hesitate                regard        urgently          would

Dear Mr White

I am writing with (1)________________________________________to my order

placed online last week. It still hasn't arrived. I (2)_______________________         

be (3)______________________if you (4)_________________        ship the order

immediately. For your reference, I have (5)____________________________         

a copy of the confirmation you sent me. Do not (6)_______________ to

(7)__________________         me if you need any (8)_________________information.

I would (9)________________________a quick response as these items are

needed (10)__________________________         .

Best regards

J Garcia

9. The extracts below come from an email between colleagues at a customer

contact centre. Use one word to fill each gap. The clues in brackets will help


1.   I________________         you to take a look at our Metz contact centre.

(Clue: not want, but a similar single word more often used in a business context)

2. Our_______________customer satisfaction survey is disastrous.

(Clue:  how business people often write fourth quarter)

3. This represents a major____________to our corporate image.

(Clue: it means the possibility that something bad may happen!)

4. These two problems are obviously_____________. (Clue: not connected, although the meaning is the same)

5. I_________________you talk to Marie Pinon. (Clue: the meaning is close to recommend, although less definite)

6. I’m______________________on you to come up with some ideas. (Clue: not

relying, although the meaning is the same)

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