Задания № 1-11 на контрольную работу по дисциплине "Английский язык". Вариант 5 (Complete the paragraphs about e-tailing using the words in the box. Complete the extracts from a business proposal the words in the box)

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2-nd studying-year

Test-paper in English

Variant 5

1.  Complete these paragraphs about e-tailing using the words in the box.

approach    browsers   databank    expectation eyeballs    merchandising    purchase           search ads                   website               web chats

1.       Most visitors to a (a)______________          don't actually buy anything, so simply

having lots of (b)'_________________' doesn't  mean there will be lots of sales. In

fact, if the site  attracts visitors through paid (c)_________________on Google or

Yahoo, then bringing them actually costs money.

2.       Customer service reps answer customer questions via live

(a)__________________          on the site. When a customer engages in live chat with a

sales rep, the average (b)_______________________doubles  in value.

3.       But instead of real customer service reps, many smaller e-tailers use

animated characters that draw on a (a)_______________of answers to commonly

asked questions. E-tailers hope that the animated characters will turn

(b)__________________         into buyers.

4.       When someone is shopping at home, they have an

(a)_______________________          of privacy. Ted Martin, senior vice-president

for (b)____________________          and operations at Overstock.com, said:

'We're taking the conservative (c)___________________          right now, we

don't want to be intrusive.'

2.  Complete this sentence about e-tailing using these words: consent, privacy, tracking, violation.

Research shows that most online shoppers consider          ____________________their

navigation of a site without their____________________          to be a_______________

of their_____________________.

3. In each set of four below, match a verb on the left with a noun on the right to make collocations about an e-tail transaction.

1. look up                               on a link to get to the seller’s site

2. pay                                   the product you want in a cart

3. place                                 a product on a search engine

4. click                                 by credit card

5. browse                               the customer’s credit card

6. debit                                 the product from the warehouse

7. send back                            the site to find any interesting products

8. ship                                  a faulty product under guarantee

4. The collocations below are useful in negotiating. Cross out the one verb in each group that does not collocate with the noun.

1. fill / offer / place / take an order

2. ask for / be entitled to / find / offer a discount

3. discuss / go over / put on / sort out the details

4. make / put forward / put back / reject a proposal

5. extend / meet / miss / take a deadline

6. look for / meet / seek / reach a compromise

5.  Complete each sentence with a collocation from 4 above.

1.  If you fail to do something by the agreed time,


2. If you tell a retailer you want to buy something from them,


3. If you finally get agreement after both sides had different starting points,


4. If you automatically have the right to a lower price, for example because of the

quantity you are ordering, then you__________________          a________________.

6.  Look at the seven alternatives in bold below. Cross out the three that can never be used.

If we increase / increased / will increase / would increase our order, do you give / will you give / would you give us a discount?

7.  Which version of the sentence in 6 is аррropriate if you want to show you are unsure about increasing your  order (it's just a possibility)? Write the whole sentence:


8. Which version of the sentence in 6 is the most common – you are just asking a simple question? Write the whole sentence:   


9. Complete the bargaining phrases in this dialogue using the pairs of words in the box.

providing + agree            if + increased                 unless + guaranteed

Supplier: I might consider reducing the price (1)____________________________

you    your order.

Customer: It would be difficult for me to increase my order,

(2)_____________you________________the price for two years.

Supplier:  I might be able to guarantee the price,

(3)__________________you__________________to a five-year contract.

10. Underline the correct answer in bold.

1. What do you recommend / recommend me?

2. What do you advise to do / advise me to do?

3. I suggest / suggest you ordering 500 pieces initially, and then perhaps more later.

4. I advise that you / advise you to order 500 pieces initially.

5. I suggested him / suggested to him that he should order 500 pieces initially.

11.  Complete the extracts from a business proposal the words in the box.

agreed        available            below               charges            lowest

replacement            require         unlikely         should           wish

1. As________________          , please find a proposal to install a series of photocopiers.

2. ________________you require on-site support, our engineers

are_________________seven days a week.

3. In the__________________ event of  a breakdown, we would provide


4. Our          __________________ are amongst the________________on the market.

5. If you ____________________ to place an order, we_________________a

deposit  of 25%.

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